Thursday, June 9, 2016

What's on my mind?

There's so much on my mind, Facebook
What all should I write?
You have space, I know
To take in my rants
But does everyone around have the time
To read and comprehend
What's on my mind?
I have been trying- struggling
To come to terms with
What's best in me?
What's best for me?
What's in store for me?
I have been trying- to stay calm
But the humdrum in my fickle mind
Refuses to die.
The pen and the paper
stare at me from the shelves of my cupboard
I look away fearing it's a waste of time,
Yet, my heart yearns to take them together
and flow with the movements of one on the other.
There's so much on my mind, Faceboook
What all should I write?
There are hundreds on my friend list,
Not one to lend an ear,
Everyone is moving along in their world,
While I crib and cry.

Home Delivery Review of Lunch Pi, Perungudi

This post has been due since long. And, finally I managed to put it here on the blog. Lunch Pi has been a blessing in disguise whenever I have had to order food in a short span of time. Food, which not only tastes good but is also well-packaged, and filling enough. All this at a decent enough cost. Lunch Pi's menu ranges from Rs100-300. Their combos are to die for, while there standalone menu items such as pasta and lasagne are worth the money spent. More importantly, the food is cooked well and is never ever dripping of excess oil, which is a usual site in otherwise restaurant food. However, I cannot say much on this as whenever I have ordered, it has either been the Chinese Combo or North Indian Non Veg Thali or Pasta.

So, with the coupon that I got via Chennai Bloggers Club, I was super confused as to what should I order. Having eaten almost all of their Chinese Combos, and since dinner was already by then, I decided to order some standalone items from their menu. I chose Achari Chicken Tikka and White Sauce Chicken Pasta (I can't recall the actual name). While the Pasta was super creamy and gooey, with chunks of tiny chicken pieces, bell peppers; I found the Achari Chicken Tikka to be a tad bit dry. I have had better Tikkas. But since they have been so good in serving the food prior to these orders, I didn't really mind the dryness of the Chicken Tikka. Perhaps, it was one off day :-)

This place, which delivers in and around OMR (not sure exactly till which point) is a blessing for at least the MNC crowd that lives in Perungudi/Kandanchavadi/Thoraipakkam areas. And, not to forget those who work in these areas in the IT Parks - SP Infocity, RMZ etc. The food is affordable, comes in neat and clean packaging with tissues and spoons.

I really hope they go on to maintain their standards and never disappoint. In case, you're already hungry- Here is the link to their Facebook page

Happy Eating! 

Meet Sq Feet Subbu, your real estate tips master!

What is common between a cyclone and Chetan Bhagat? Both are natural disasters-  This PJ ends the hilarious yet interesting video on home insurance by Sq Feet Subbu a.k.a Venkatesh. The video is part of a campaign for DRA Homes, a real estate company that has recently entered the real estate market in Chennai. This funny video series is called "Open Secrets" and features Venkatesh, a stand-up comedian, popularly known as Mr. Bean of Chennai. The video series is aimed at helping buyers with making an informed choice while purchasing a house. 

Source: One of the comic panels that's appeared in an
English paper. One of those witty one liners that Sq Subbu
utters to make a point about home buying.
A house is the most prized possession. Built out of years of hard earned money, embellished with love and care, a house is not merely a structure but a place where memories are etched. Needless to say, even a minor impairment to it can ruin our happiness. Though we care for our house and can prevent it from any man-made damages but keeping it safe from natural disasters might not be so easy. This is where having a home insurance helps. And, this is exactly what Sq Feet Subbu explains in his thick Tamil accent but just the way a layman would want to know it. 

Taking a cue from the December floods that ravaged Chennai and how it washed away not just the belongings of the house but also the dreams and aspirations of those people who had given it their all; actor Venkatesh very comically yet succinctly puts together the importance of a home insurance. Drawing parallels between Dhoni and Wriddhiman Saha, Sunny Leone and Poonam Pandey, he strikes the right note and tells you why buying a home insurance is important for you. The video will leave you in splits especially for the comparisons that it brings forth, but it will also abreast you about why you should buy a home insurance.

The Managing Director of DRA Homes, Mr Ranjeet Rathod says the aim of starting fictional character was to educate home buyers. "The response was over 100,000 views in just one month. We have implemented a customer feedback system across touch points to track our customer’s satisfaction levels throughout their purchase cycle and we use ‘Customer delight meter’ to track and address all their concerns immediately," he adds.

In short, a home insurance protects your house against all natural disasters. From earthquakes to floods, fire accidents or any other structural damage, it helps you rebuild your house from scratch. Components or add-on benefits help you protect even the contents of the house. To tell you in Sq Feet Subbu’s words, next time when you buy a house from a real estate builder, ensure you get home insurance as an add on otherwise no one can protect your house against “Hurricane Hillary” or “Typhoon Trump.” 

Watch the video below to know more about home insurance. But do not just laugh and enjoy it rather act on it and secure your abode, for home is where the heart is.