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BRAZIL bids adieu to FIFA!

Well believe it or not BRAZIL is out of FIFA'10. As disappointing as it can be for football fans all over the world and so in India, the truth has been told. So, who was better in the match? I guess both the teams played well, it was a tough fight but nonetheless at the end of the day Netherlands was better and so they won!

This football season has been full of ups and downs especially for the biggies!!! Teams like Italy, France, England performed below everyones expectations. So there was something to cheer for many since the World No. 1 team was still in line but all hopes have vanished with the Brazilians being knocked out of the tournament.

The atmosphere in my office was worth noting. While on one hand everyone was busy making pages, on the other a goal or two by the teams drew the attention towards the TV frequently. It was as if everyone would jump into the field to get Brazil score a goal. But unfortunately everyone had to suffice themselves by limiting themselves to the ed…