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Politics Politics Everywhere, Not a Moment to Breathe

A friend remarked one day, as I told him about my ordeal at work, "You haven't really witnessed office politics. What you said about your earlier stints, is not politics at all. Office politics is worse than that. I have seen it. It can push you to quit the organization. That's the real office politics." I didn't know how to react to that remark. I barely nodded.

A new genre of politics

Office politics is the new-age "political news" that you get to hear on a daily basis if you are working. And, if you aren't working, then you'll get to hear it from the never-ending sob stories that your friends would have to share about their office. Work culture, work ethics, relationship management, human resource management etc are the new buzzwords. In the garb of these new buzzwords, what you get is ample amount of dirt thrown at you from various ends- top to bottom, bottom to top, left to right and vice versa.

You never run out of "breaking news"…

How we traveled to and within Diu

As promised in my earlier post, 2 Nights, 3 Days Trip to Ilha Da Calma- Diu, here I am with a new post on how we traveled to and within Diu. This would not really be a very long post. I will keep it short and simple for all purpose.

How I traveled to Diu and back

1) Chennai to Diu - By Flight 

There are no direct flights to Diu. They will all take you via either Mumbai or Ahmedabad. Since I was meeting my friends in Mumbai, I took a flight to Mumbai and then we all boarded the same flight from Mumbai to Diu. There is also another catch in this. If you book separate tickets, you may get the tickets at a cheaper price than if booked together.

2) Diu to Chennai via Ahmedabad

There are flights via Mumbai ONLY when returning from Diu. We got to know of this when we were there. Thankfully, we had our bus tickets reserved well in advance. All the private as well as state run government buses ply post 7pm onwards from the Jethibai Bus Terminus in Diu towards Ahmedabad. You will reach Ahmedaba…

2 Nights, 3 Days trip to Ilha Da Calma- Diu

Anyone would identify with the above video. It has been all over the TV since quite some time. Diu Tourism does try and make an impact on the tourists. When you watch the video, you are transported to a different land altogether. In fact, the first time, I ever saw it, I too wondered where this place was until the ad ended with Diu Tourism. I was mesmerised. I wanted to go right away to that place to feel the 'calm' that the video boasts of. But it seemed like a far fetched dream.

Then, one day, a whatsapp from my friend asking if I would be interested in accompanying her to Diu, piqued my interest back to where I had left it before. However, I wasn't sure. The thought of leaving my child behind was a little too unnerving. But my husband supported me a lot to go on this 'break'. There was a deal though that I would have to grant him a break too like that. I happily agreed to the deal. :-)

After a few talks over whatsapp and email, I booked my tickets to Diu from …

A published author and a trip to Diu, what more could I ask for

I have so many things to update you all about. Where should I begin from? Let me first say that yes, I had been extremely occupied with something or the other. There were times when I would open the "new post" section of the blog, stare at it for hours, switch tabs to Facebook and then eventually close the blog. But today, I decided I had to post. So, here I am with a few updates.

First things first, the biggest news of this month is that I, yours truly, is now a published author :-) Those of you who have frequented my LinkedIn and Facebook profile, would know by now. But for those of you, who read my blogs, this update had to be made. Pardon me, for keeping it short and simple in one post itself. Interested in knowing some details? So here it is. I and a bunch of seven other talented bloggers from across the country were part of BlogAdda's Celebrate Blogging initiative. We took part in one of the events of that initiative- Game of Blogs. Our team was amongst the top 3 …

Poetry Trails: #5 Trace my heart

Hi Friends,

This is the fifth poem in the series Poetry Trails. Hope you'll like reading it. This would also be the last poem in this series. The poems shall come back soon again. :-)

In the contours of my heart You lie like a king I yearn for your presence  In the world around I stretch my arms around To hold you in embrace You seem running away  From the mere stretch of my arms I haven't even said that  I want to take you with me I hoped that you'd do that for me But, as I stand here miles away I see you hold her hand and run away You giggle as she teases you  You hold her tight as if to never let go She tries to move away but you pull her closer Oblivious of my presence miles away You make love to her in the lap of nature I stand there with my heart broken I turn away unable to see your passionate love I wonder what did I do to deserve such hapless love..

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