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The Year That Was- Part 2

Like they say, we should be grateful to every little thing in our lives. Perhaps, this is the time to be so. With three more days to usher into a new year, we all have hopes, aspirations, to-do lists, schedules, timelines and what not for the coming year. But I guess, it is also the time to sit down, and look back at the year that's about to end. That it will bring back memories- some good, some bad- there is no doubt that it will also help us shape our new year in a better way.

So, while in my earlier post, I talked about how 2015 had been a challenging and adventurous year for me; in this post, I want to be grateful to the little joys that I had this year.

Here's presenting to you the five most beautiful things that happened to me this year and I thank from the bottom of my heart every person who made those beautiful memories happen.

1. The year of blogadda

A junior friend from college seeing my number of blog updates on a regular basis remarked, 'ladki you are soon goi…

The Year That Was - Part I

Not sure whether all of you have read my first post of the year- here is what I began my blog with this 2015. Incidentally, it was written on the very first day of the new year and happened to be picked by Blogadda as their Tangy Tuesday Picks. I am glad that out of everything written in the post, I held on to one thing at least- being active on the blog. Here I stand now, with the 70th post of the year that is about to bid goodbye in three more days.

Going by the number of blogposts being written by fellow bloggers on how the year 2015 was for them and what do they foresee for the new year, I couldn't have kept myself away from doing the same. As I write this post, I am not even sure how to comment about this year. From what I can see, when I look back, is that the year has been challenging in its own way. It has given me several signs which I overlooked or may be refused to accept. And, it is only now that I realise had I understood those signs well earlier, I would've save…

A world of my own

I want to close my eyes and slip into a world of my own, where there'd be no war of words, no ego clashes or street fights no hurry to finish tasks no one to bother with a stick on the head.
I want to be in a world of my own with a space only for positive thoughts with no space for lousy creatures and selfish souls a world that'd thrive on love, care, and human touch where there'd be no mobile phones or social network.
I am looking for that world wherein I would be myself than pretend I would laugh till my stomach hurt I would love with all my heart n soul I would not be in my dreams but seep in the reality.
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What is love?

What is love?
A silent way to silence your inner self
A turbulence in your peaceful mind
A crack that's tough to mend
An affair that leaves you sleepless
A rose that pretends to have fragrance
A flower that dries up before it blossoms
An ache that's too painful to undergo medication
A blind passion that turns you deaf and dumb
Love is nothing but a mere infatuation
Too hard to ignore, harder to hold on to
Love is a feeling that disappears
as suddenly as it had appeared
Like a gas balloon left loose
Love is meant to be a passionate endeavor
An enchanting experience in the mundane lives
It is nothing but
a glass that cracks in one touch
a thorn that pricks deep inside
a fire that burns you down never to revive
a void that you cannot avoid
a memory that's etched too deep
a lesson that life reminds you
every single day that you lead...

The Wintry Night

The night that was so wintry The cold breeze brushed aside my hair I looked around and saw a few Comforting each other With an embrace that I longed for Then and there from you From your body, your warmth I tried embracing myself alone Tears welled up in my eyes Noticing a bystander staring at me I pretended to feel cold The bystander smiled as if He understood what I faked Putting his palm out in the cold air He turned around, and walked Taking out his white walking stick A woman walked past and held his hand I stood their watching as the two Embraced in the comfort of that night I stood their watching as the two Disappeared into the dark wintry night.


Darkness, you're amazing
You let people do
Whatever they want
Whatever they couldn't
In the presence of light..
You let them cry and whine
You let them love and moan
You let them argue and abuse
You let them hurt and scream
You let them shy and meek...
You fill the void in them
You let them be themselves
It's in your shadows
They find their real selves
And, hence draw the curtains
As light makes way for itself.

What's on your mind?

The poem was written sometime back on my Facebook Page

What's on your mind?
Facebook asks,
Does it really matter to you?
For all that you can do
Is get me mere likes and comments
But can you fetch me
What I have been longing for?
A tranquil mind
A serene nature
Some love, some peace
No anger, no frustration
A pinch of happiness
Loaded with affection
Little more than a hug
Little less than suffocation
Just the thought of being loved
Nothing but just plain love
Nothing but just being me
Nothing but just me.

To be in sync with the new year

It's been more than two months since I visited my blog. Not that I did not have anything to write. Just that it was that lazy moment that stuck on to me for too long. I however, penned down a few lines on my Facebook page. I shall be sharing them here too in the subsequent blog posts.

Today, I had almost made plans of getting down to write in a notebook with a pencil, just to ensure that those lines make way to my blog post soon. But I couldn't resist the temptation of typing on my laptop after ages. Strange as it may sound, for the past couple of months, I had been posting my blogs mainly through the laptops I got for official purpose. I don't know where this post will head towards the end, but I assure you it will give you a heads up about where I had disappeared with my blog for this long.

In the two months that I was away from the blog, I went through a turmoil in my mind and heart. I was taken aback by my pessimism, my unwillingness to accept things how they are; I f…