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I am...your words

I am what you speak
I am what you think
I am what you feel
I am your "words"

My absence makes a deep impression in your expressions
My presence lightens the essence of each sentence
I am self-obsessed
When you smile, I am optimist
When you cry, the pessimist inside me bears its fruit
When you laugh, I get a sense of myself
I carve myself depending on your moods

Yet thou let me go like this
I wait and wait for you to return
To wake me out of my slumber
However, my wait is in vain
As neither do you return to me
Nor do I wake up
I am lost in my slumber
And, so am I lost within you

The harder you try
The better it is for me
The more I shall come near to you
You shall be embraced in my thoughts
My expressions shall be yours
You will not have to try harder any long
As I shall be indebted to you forever

So, do not lose me
do not let me go so soon
For, there shall never be a tomorrow again
so grasp me as much as you can
Let your imagination unfold
come out of "your" slumber
And, write me down
For, I am yo…