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Hello! My Old Friend!

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Hello Sneha, my old friend

I know it's been long since we spoke. Remember the last time? Oh, I guess you have forgotten. Let me refresh your mind. Have a look at this post. Ah! Now I am sure you recall. So, where were we? I realize we haven't yet started talking. 

Lets talk now then. First and foremost, where have you disappeared? I see you everyday. You come near to me, see me, hold me, but then as if a sudden realization strikes you and you keep me away. I lie there at one corner of your room. The corner where you loved to hold me and pour your heart out. I lie there still, untouched, and gathering dust. 

The blank pages are turning yellow. Slowly and steadily, the yellow pages will wear off. Will you pick me up then? But no, I do not intend to be picked up after I wither away. I want you to pick me up now. I know you are being shrouded by thoughts. Some positive, some negative; I see a…

Book Review: Private India by Ashwin Sanghi and James Patterson

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Mumbai, the financial capital of India, home to the Indian film industry- Bollywood-  is also home to several gruesome terrorist attacks. A city that never sleeps, where you travel through the local trains amidst thousands of unknown faces and yet are able to strike a conversation with some of them. A city that has been the theme of many Blockbuster movies, the den of underworld goons, abode to lakhs of those who come to earn a living in the star studded city, hoping to make it big one day. The city is now in danger. It has been struck by a catastrophe. No, it is no epidemic, no famine, and no flood. But, a series of murder. Eight women are strangulated and their corpses are arranged with strange objects. 
The task of solving this mysterious serial crime lies on the shoulders of Private India, the Mumbai branch of the world's finest investigation agency. Its head, Sant…

My Experiments with Haleem ;-)

It's been quite some while since I wrote a blog post and what better to write about than "food"? :-D Now, I am not the one to try out new recipes and post them on the blog. I would rather eat those new recipes and just share the experience of how it was. As is suggested by the title of the post- yes, I am going to talk about "Haleem." For those of you who do not know, what Haleem is? You can read it here.

The First Time I Tasted Haleem

My tryst will Haleem dates back to my days in Hyderabad (2010). Though I stayed for hardly six months there, I was lucky that Ramzaan fell in one of those six months of my stay. I had heard a lot about the famous Pista House Haleem. Hence, I did try it out. But it wasn't actually the authentic one, I suppose. As the popularity of a restaurant/eatery grows, the "authentic" tag is often lost to the "not-so authentic" ones that mushroom in every nook and corner of the city. That's precisely what happened w…

#Profile 3: Happiness Initiative- Spreading Happiness All Around

What will you do to make someone happy? Will you help out that poor old man begging for alms on the street, without a second thought? Or will you seek money for bringing smile on someone’s face? If you are ready to forgo anything to bring a smile on someone's face then The Happiness Initiative is meant for you. What’s so special about this initiative? Read on.
Indelible Musings caught up with the mind behind this initiative, 25 year old, Priyanka Kandpal. Though Priyanka had dreamt of becoming a journalist, her love for theatre transformed her into an artist instead. Now she has her own theatre group formed along with her fellow batchmates from graduation days. Her love for content writing during her graduation days landed her with internships at advertising agencies where her written words found a medium to express themselves.        Theatre was her calling always, which she realised during her performances in plays organised by her college's dramatic society. "Thus I…

#Profile 2- Wanted Umbrella: An Urban Matchmaking Agency

Going by the title of the post, you would wonder it is just another matchmaking agency coming into the foray. Yes Wanted Umbrella (here after referred to as WU) is a matchmaking agency, which is just born into the Indian Matrimony industry but with a difference. How? Read On.

According to the United Nations, 40-80 million disabled people, the world’s largest minority, live in India. Of this, only 5% or less get married. To help solve this issue and stigma associated with it, WU was recently established as a professional agency to provide safe and innovative platform to every member through curated events & group dinner meetings so that they could connect to the like-minded for the purpose of marriage.

Indelible Musings caught up with 21 year old, Kalyani Khona (here after referred to as KK), founder of this urban matchmaking agency.
About herself and the Venture

KK: Having spent more than five months on setting up the entire process and ecosystem of this concept, I think this is on…