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The Cup of pride

Criticism had begun to pour in since the day India defeated the Windies in the group match to enter into the Quarter finals of the world with a win and confidence boost. Turn on the television, surf the news channels, and one could see players from all across the continents discussing about every teams performance throughout the world cup and how is that going to effect the Quarter finals or the /knock-out stage of the World Cup 2011. It was quite strange to see certain Indian cricketers who had themselves not been as successful as they could have been to be part of the panelists on the news channels. Possibly, that’s the only worth thing that they can do presently i.e. criticize the Indian team’s performance, of which they had been once a part off; however were not able to shine like the stars.

The team that was being seen as the favorites at the beginning of the World Cup were soon losing their sheen of “favorites” due to some dismal performances in the group games despite winning th…

Life With You

My heart skips a beat
when I don't get top see you,
I wait for you, close my eyes
think about you.

My Mind wanders to a land unknown
Where you and I live
a life of our own,
shielding ourselves
from the outside world,
our life pens a musical note
a harmonious one.

Small jerk kicks me out of the world,
I realize, it was a Dream
I crave for the dream to come true
and begin the search for the right notes,
The notes that would be harmonious,
Notes that would connect heart to heart
Notes that would build up our lives.

A Life that would be of Love,
A Life that would blossom into a happily ever after note,
A Life that we would cherish as we grow old together.

Reality Check for the Ruling party

In the wake of several controversies and scams surrounding the ruling government of India, the fact that needs to be pondered upon is what is going wrong with the ruling party. With the Finance Minister pronouncing in the Union Budget that the government was looking towards a more transparent and result-oriented economic management system in India, the fact that only the subsidies to the poor and curbing the wasteful expenditure should be examined is a smaller picture of a bigger realm that surrounds the functioning of the government.

As examined by M.K. Venu in his article "Lessons in Inclusion", in The Indian Express (Dated March 18) reamarks, the bigger picture suggests that the UPA is aware of the "productivity deficit" that is existing in the government's functioning. This productivity deficit, as the writer states, is not just about economic efficiency; it is also about the way the state needs to reinvent itself and its institutions to manage the aspirat…

Libyan crisis deepens, West eyes oil fields

The crisis in Libya is a grim reminder of how freedom can become impotent with the consistent efforts of a ruler who has not lost his will to fight destructively. Since his revolution in 1969, Muammar Gaddafi nationalized the country’s oil wealth and qualitatively improved the standard of living of his people. Libya has the highest life expectancy and highest per capita income on the African continent. The literacy rate among the women is the highest in the Arab world. His grandiose project, the “great man-made river”, which taps water from the aquifers under the Libyan desert and diverts it for the agricultural and drinking purposes, is one of the biggest engineering feats in Africa. The multi-billion project has already succeeded in supplying water to major cities such as Tripoli.

During his radical days, Gaddafi initially supported the Sahrawi struggle for independence only to backtrack in the early 1980s. His ideology at that time was strongly influenced by Gamal Abdel Nasser’s pa…

Japan’s Nuclear Crisis: grim reminder to countries across the world

With Japan’s nuclear crisis set to reach a different high, fears have spread across the world over the radiation spread in the atmosphere. While the countries across the world that had plans of developing Nuclear power stations have now had a setback and are giving a second thought to it.

Anti Nuclear protesters have come out openly criticizing the use of Nuclear power; the protests have been more demonstrative in Germany where Angela Merkel’s government has first suspended the life extension to Germany’s nuclear reactor and then decided to shut down the oldest ones. Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, has ordered a review of the future of Russia’s atomic energy sector, Switzerland has suspended decisions on plants while Austria has asked for a review of reactors across Europe.
This sort of International reaction was expected.

Agreed, Japan is witnessing a nuclear crisis; however, putting curtains on the existing nuclear reactors or further increased use of nuclear power is not ju…