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#Profile 1- Arpan: An NGO Defining Change

When it comes to profiles and interviews, I enjoy it to the core. So, without dilly-dallying much, I present to you through this blog post, an NGO named Arpan founded by two very close friends of mine- Sneha Thakur and Zeba Rizvi (hereafter, referred to as ST and ZR). You can read more about the NGO and these two lovely ladies on Arpan's website - link to which I couldn't manage to post in the blog, as the blogger was just not accepting it :-( )

I came up with this blog post mainly to present to you all the next event being organised by Arpan on August 2nd, at Kunzum Cafe, Hauz Khas Village in New Delhi. For details about what the event is about, here goes the poster-

I spoke to these two ladies about their journey till now with their own venture. In this first profile/interview post of Indelible Musings,Zeba and Sneha open up about the birth of this idea, the obstacles they encountered, those very special moments that they witnessed everyday and the…


Distraught, I feel
When I see a violent world around,
Where love, happiness seem to be
A thing of the past,
Where present stands for
Battles, Bloodshed
Where innocent lives
are not cared for,
But are slaughtered
like they are animals.

Every corner of the worls
fights for freedom,
If not by peaceful means
then by means of trigger,
Nothing happens
Just talks and exchanges,
While political leaders
live inside a peaceful environ
The common man stays out
losing his abode to the battle.

What else can a common man do?
If not just be a mute spectator,
Will his voice be heard?
Nowhere can it be heard
for everywhere the higher-ups
are busy arguing
for whom is best.

What's My Aim?

What's my aim? Do I know or not?
Staring aimlessly at the horizons,
That look back at me
Seeking answers That I have not.

I try to confide in the unknown surroundings,
What's gone shall never return,
But what lies in the present and the future,
Shall be self governed.

Yes, I shall be the writer of my destiny But how?
For an aimless vision stares at me
I am blinded, god knows with what
I am burdened, or is it my mind
That's crippled by thoughts.

My heart yearns to make peace with my mind, But..
Here I am, hardened like stone
Still like a potrait,
Closed like a shell,
Aloof like that barren tree
Standing tall on the road that I see, Don't I know? What indeed is my aim?
Or is it my oblivion
Forcing me to ignore the same.

Five Zesty Things of My Life- A Post For BlogAdda

1. Am Book (ed)
Call me a voracious reader, or just a passerby, who loves to glance at books every now and then. My favorite pastime or my soul-mates, books define me in some way or the other. With books, I travel to a different world. A world filled with characters, a world filled with creativity, a world filled with imagination, a world which is hypothetical yet feels so real, a world which sometimes transforms you from within or is a moral lesson in itself. Books are man's best friend, so are they mine. They Zest Up My Life in ways that cannot be defined.

2. Food-aholic
From Mediterranean delights to grilled Indian Tadka, food from across the world Zest Up my taste buds and thus my life. Culinary expert- I may be not; but food lover- I am. Trying out new cuisines to experimenting at new restaurants, am a few steps away from blogging about my culinary experiences in the restaurants of different cities that I have visited or lived in.

3. Travel Across The Shores
Beautiful mount…

If Only..I Had Taken The First Step

Okay. This post took me quite a while to write. Not just the regular editing, re-writing, re-phrasing, beautifying (not much), etc etc but also feeding, playing, chatting with my baby kept me away from writing this blog. My previous post had mentioned how keen I was to pen down my thoughts. This post too is somewhat going flashback.

No, I am not revisiting all the nine months of my pregnancy rather sharing an observation that I made during those nine months. This is one observation that I had long back but it just got better in the past few months. It’s about the people around me- Family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, “Facebook” friends etc.

January 4th, 2014 was when I came to Delhi with my mother. Yes, I had quit my job. Not many knew of this except a few close friends, who met me in Delhi and of course, my colleagues and family. In fact, many would get to know through this blog post that I have been jobless since January :-D But like I have always been, I kept myself occupi…

"Madam, Aap bohot Kismat Waali hain...Pehla Bachcha..Aur Wo Bhi Ladka..."

I have been itching to write this blog. Not just because I love to write but because the last two months have been quite tiring for me physically, mentally as well as emotionally. Somehow I felt, writing might give my mind a break from all the disturbances. Things had been wandering in my mind since long but I was unable to find the time to put them down into words.

While I do not wish to delve much into detail about the overall emotional balance of my mind, I do wish to share something that I underwent while my stint at the hospital, where I delivered my baby. Like they say, “in the history of so and so..” for me too, the birth of my child coincided with a historical change that our country witnessed on the day. I gave birth to a baby boy on May 26th, on the very day, when India swore in its 15th Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. Everyone was excited about the fact that the birth of my child will coincide with NaMo’s new birth.

But this blog post is not about this coincidence either. …