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Anxiety | #AtoZChallenge

Hi All, 

This is my first attempt at writing for #AtoZChallenge. I had been procrastinating for long, so I thought of getting back to blogging with this challenge. While the challenge says we aren't supposed to write on Sundays, I end up writing today just because I missed writing on the first day itself. 

So, the first post of the blog is dedicated to the letter A. Now, there could have been many words with this letter however, since I have tried to keep a theme for the entire challenge; I chose the word Anxiety. 

We all know the dictionary meaning of anxiety and hence, there is no need for me to tell you again what this feeling is. Wondering why I chose this word? That's because I have been feeling so off late. I can say that anxiety is the other name you can attribute for me. No, I am not being judgemental about my behaviour. But this is what I have been feeling since I can think of. 

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