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A different life altogether!

Here I come
With the same thoughts in mind
A moment that I try hard to avoid
It is unfortunate that I can’t

There’s a life that I search
It is hidden somewhere
Somewhere far,
From where it just refuses to let go

I wonder!
Is it so difficult to hold onto that life?
Or that life deliberately eludes me?

Happiness and sadness
Form an intermingling aspect of that life
But it has to be, either of the both, for me
Because, I don’t wish to be with both
They, in turn, refuse to leave me alone
Accompanying me all through where I go.

It’s a game of hide n seek that both play with me
Yes! I loved playing hide n seek
In my childhood,
But that’s an age I have surpassed.

I wish I had a magic wound
To turn everything into the way I want
I know it’s a dream that cannot be fulfilled
A dream that I WISH to fulfill
A dream that I am sure I will make true
A dream, that when becomes reality
Would have all the ingredients of life
All in a proportion,
That neither outshines the other.