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Should You Give In To Your Fear?

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this post are my personal. They may vary from people to people and be different for different circumstances. 

What is fear? A feeling that creeps in when you fail to or are unable to fulfill a certain task. Fear comes in unannounced. You may fear because you genuinely feel it or you may fear for the heck of it. But the question is should you give into your fear? OR should you rise above all that is pulling you down to that extreme?

In most circumstances, the tendency is to give into the fear. How many times do we actually sit back, think and try to steer away from the thought of 'quitting'? Nobody really wants to quit. It is the circumstances, situations, behaviors, thoughts that rules our actions. It is probably also the emotional quotient that tends to be on the higher side while dealing with a situation that causes the fear.

Not just the emotional quotient, the whole thought about "what will they say"?; 'they' here could …

For the love of Thai- Benjarong- Review

Disclaimer: I do not have pictures of the food because the food was just wiped off the plates, the moment it was served. Rest assured, the review is genuine and authentic like the food I had there. 

Located on TTK Road, Benjarong has been on lists of 'Must try' places since long. So, when a dear friend of mine invited me over there for a Birthday lunch, I was not only happy to try this restaurant out but also happy at the fact that I was finally going to make it there.

As you enter the restaurant, you are hit by an aroma that will for once make you feel you have stepped into a Thai Spa :D but then that is how probably they do the decor and fragrance in a restaurant that specialises in Thai food. The restaurant is well spaced out with elegant seating arrangements. (Sorry, if am being too generalist in the way I talk about the seating in a restaurant.) Overall, the ambiance has a relaxing appeal to it.

As I and my friend waited for two of his other friends to arrive, we decided …

My stint with Kerala Chicken Curry!

Cooking is an activity that doesn't come naturally to me. Whatever I know today is because of what, well, my mother taught me. However, that doesn't stop me from drooling over the food cooked in cookery shows, posted on blogs or reviewed in groups or sites. This also therefore gives me the chance to try my culinary skills at experimenting with food. Let me share with you my experience of cooking a new recipe for chicken for the first time. Need I say more that the result was worth it. :)

Though my experimentation is mostly restricted to my comfort food such as, Pasta, Sandwiches, Omlettes or even Maggi; I do not refrain from experimenting with the meat, fish or chicken. So when this time I bought a kg of chicken from a nearby shop, I was determined to cook something different and not the same old curry.

The saying- a way to a man's heart is through his stomach - somehow doesn't go in my case. For my husband, food is secondary. It needs to be as simple and as minimalis…

So They Say...

So they say, quit and sit back,
it isn't your day;
I say then when will it be if not today?
Shedding all inhibitions,
I embark on a new road.

I walk two miles,
only to witness a giant rock
blocking my way;
So they say, it's time you
tread on the return path.

I refuse to look back,
climbing the rocky terrain,
beads of sweat trickle down my forehead,
I keep up with the pace,
a thorn pierces the skin on my toe,
So they say, it's time for me
to abandon all that I had begun.

Abandon was a word,
I had never heard before,
fighting back with zeal,
was always what I was told,
Yet they said, gone is your time,
so is your luck, so is your chance,
Why hold on to things
that you shall never pass?

For teachers, we''ll remain the best!

Conversations that take place after years is often filled with memories- some good, some bad. I am going to talk about one such conversation that I had with my school teacher after almost 9 years.

It was a senior from school, who happens to be former colleague too, who messaged me on Facebook asking if I was from the very school where he studied. It turned out that he was a '91 batch pass out, while I started my journey in the same school in '92. As the conversation went along, he asked about a couple of teachers, whom I might have studied from. Of the three names, I knew two. Of those two, one teacher is no more and the other I hadn't spoken to in years.

I asked for her number from the senior. He apprised me about my teacher's present situation. She hasn't been going through the best of her times health wise. Suffering from some grave medical problem, she has been on constant dose of medicines. The drugs have not only been painful overall but have also made her s…

Barren Love

I look for the words that I once wrote to describe you, Have they dried away just like our love? Or have they interspersed in our fragmented lives? Our love isn't barren, it is unsettled by the surroundings, Soak in the feelings of a passionate kiss, The untidy bed is a testimony to our passionate love, Our love isn't barren, it is irked by the uneasiness, Soak in the mighty breeze that ruffles your hair, Your unkempt look is a testimony to our passionate love, You are indomitable, you are fearless, yet you presume our love as dead and buried, When I can envisage the road we have often taken, Sometimes whole-heartedly, sometimes half-heartedly, The road less taken is the road that leads to fear, Be what you are, what your soul is, what your mind is, If your mind refuses to budge, then admit it, Our love is barren, blind to the darkness around,  oblivious of the passionate love, Envious of the unkempt look,  suspicious of the untidy bed, Our love is barren enough,  unable to i…

Ten Food Whose Taste I Can't Compromise With

This was probably the initial posts that I saw on Facebook today morning. My instant reaction- a wide grin :-D :-D - of course, being a tea person, I could relate to this so much. There are so many such posts that come on Facebook news feed on a daily basis. With some, you identify instantly; with some, you feel you identified earlier; then there are some which you feel simply exaggerated.

Tea is a drink that I really am obsessed about. No black, no green. I prefer my light brown coloured milk tea with a hint of sugar. Neither too milky nor too watery but a perfect mix of both with a dash of tea leaves. Explaining my kind of tea in words is tougher than how I imagined it to be. You'd probably have to pay me a visit to understand the kind of tea I like.

We all have our list of favorites, which we fear to or at least think twice before eating, when cooked by someone else. Not everyone can have a mother's touch or your taste.

Here are my favorite ten food/drink, whose taste I ca…

Time to pen(cil) my thoughts!

Sometimes you need to go back to old school. As a writer, carrying a pen/pencil/notebook/paper in a bag is a must apart from carrying the usual belongings. For me, pencil is a unique object. And, I am going to tell you much more about my association with this object in this post.

I remember those early primary class days, when carrying two sets of pencil, an eraser, a sharpner, and scale in the pencil box was the norm. Right before stepping out of home, my father would invariably ask in his low yet firm voice- "have you taken everything?", "Do you have an extra set of pencil?". I would very timidly respond with a yes.

I remember getting annoyed writing with a pencil and envy those students who could use/write with pen as early as in the fifth standard. Exams, drawings, homework and classwork- pencil was an important 'object' till the primary classes. As I advanced to the next classes, pencil became an object merely to draw the margins of exam sheets, mark …

A Thank You note to my readers!

A thought the other day made me realise that I had not visited my blog for over a month. Unfortunately, I cannot recall what prompted me to ponder over my absence from the blog. So, I decided to log in and simply write down something that I can think of- THAT MOMENT. But, seems like I am suffering from Writer's Block. OR may be, my creative juices have dried up. I couldn't think of what to write, when my eyes fell on the "Pageviews". VOILA! my blog has more than 10,000 views now and I didn't even know it. SAD! That's what happens when you keep aside your passion and concentrate on all the nonsense surrounding your life.

But But But... Let me take this opportunity to thank each one of you, who took out time to read my blogs. For the sake of reading, for the genuine interest in reading, for the fact that you wanted to know how I write, just for time pass, or for any other god damn reason that I cannot think of right now; Thank You! I feel grateful. I feel hono…