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Three (more) Things I would do RIGHT NOW- A BlogAdda and MaxLife Insurance Initiative #SecondChance Activity

This post is a part of the #SecondChance activity at BlogAdda in association with MaxLife Insurance”.

Continuing my pointers from my previous post, I am glad that BlogAdda has offered two posts to be submitted for this activity. Though, as I said earlier, it is very difficult to narrow down the things you want to do NOW if given a #SecondChance into just "three things", it is in some way making all of us realize the importance of a certain few things than bother about EVERYTHING.

What is stopping us from taking forward our aspirations that we had moved aside? Why should we keep postponing it to the 'next' suitable time? Why can't we just let everything go and strive on to achieve what we had been postponing? You never know, being swift, prompt and on time, can land you somewhere sooner than you had imagined. Remember what Kabir said?
"Kaal Kare So Aaj Kar, Aaj Kare So Ab"
So, these are the three (more) things that I would right away if given a #SecondC…

Three Things I would do RIGHT NOW - A BlogAdda and MaxLife Insurance initiative #SecondChance activity

This post is a part of the #SecondChance activity at BlogAdda in association with MaxLife Insurance”.
Often in life, we are faced with circumstances when we have to choose between our dreams and aspirations, and what others want from us. In our attempts to please the others, we set aside the aspirations for a while and keep setting (un)realistic goals to achieve them at some point in life later. Come to think of it, those aspirations remain either at the back of our mind or are forgotten like that old book gathering dust on our bookshelf. BlogAdda in association with MaxLife Insurance is giving us, bloggers, the chance to not just write about those things that we had set aside but also make sure by the end of the blogpost, we make it our aim to follow our passions. 
There are many things that I would like to correct now. There are many unfulfilled aspirations that I wish I could live now. There are not three but many things that I would do right away, if given a second chance. Howeve…

Things that define me- A post for BlogAdda and Gillette Venus #UseYourAnd

This post is a part of #UseYourAnd activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette Venus“.
“Sneha, what’s wrong with you sweetheart? You are not the one to be meek and coward. You are someone we have known as being bold, confident and strong. You have been brilliant in academics, you are happily married now and have a son; then what drives you to such stupid thoughts?,” said P, my school friend, when I confessed to my school friends’ group on WhatsApp one day that I was too low and felt suicidal. 
I know suicide sounds too big a word. I never thought I would be writing about this experience of mine on a public platform like this. But I guess that is the experience which has made me realize my inner strengths and the ‘things that define me’ as a woman.
It is not that I needed the thoughts of death to remind me how strong a woman I was or I am. It is just that at times, when you are down and out, you think about the situations worse than that. That is the moment, when you realize yo…

My Journey from 'or' to 'and'- a post for BlogAdda and Gillette Venus #UseYourAnd Initiative

This post is a part of #UseYourAnd activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette Venus“.
Six years ago, when I started this blog in 2009, I wasn't sure whether I would be able to do justice to it. Six years since then, in 2015, I am now typing my 93rd post. Ideally, it should have been more than this. Six years ago, I heard a voice,my inner voice,which was guiding me towards something which I wasn't supposed to have thought about. My life was in a fix between this 'or' that but wasn't ready to exist together with this 'and' that. 
Three years later, in 2012, I made sure this 'and' that existed together. I was given many a choices but I chose what I 'felt' was correct. Though in following my heart out, I lost a lot in the process, but as the saying goes,all is well that ends well, holds true for the situation I came out of. I don't know if what I did then can be considered as an inspiration but the result has indeed been a beautiful …

A 'click' that changed my life

#Disclaimer: This is simply my thought about how a platform to communicate with a large audience has changed my life. WOW has given me the initiative to pay an Ode to this platform. Thank You, BlogAdda. 

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

One fine evening in 2014, when I was bored of scrolling down my news feed on Facebook, I started clicking on links, shared by a couple of friends as their status. During one such click, I discovered something very interesting on the blog of a friend (P). Now P is a great writer, her creativity in putting down words and weaving them into a story is something I try but invariably fail to succeed. You ask me to talk to you all through this blog, I will. But weaving a story is something I generally do not try my hands at.

So, P had written a blog post, which was part of a contest organized by BlogAdda. Going by the flow of her writing, I thought I should try my hands at it. Thus, I began thinking …

Use your actions every day to help create what you want

If “thoughts” indeed became “things”; I would be dead by now. Startled with what I just wrote? Don’t be. This “thought” about “death” has been coming to me since I don’t know when. It reached a step further only now. People would categorize the problem that I am suffering from as “depression”, “loneliness”, and so on and so forth. But can you possibly be a “loner” even in a “crowd”? Can you be “depressed” even after you have poured your heart out to a friend/best friend/first friend/boyfriend/mom/dad? I suppose the answer cannot be a straight yes or no. It is a mix of both.
So, what has driven me to the extent that I am “thinking” about “death”? I guess I have this crazy fascination of thinking about how my life would be when I will be lying on the funeral pyre. Will the people, who had been around me for all those years, shed a drop or two of tears as I lay there ready to be burnt? Or will those, whom I have been very mean or rude to, be jumping with joy (of course, just in a phras…

Adios 2014, Hola 2015!!!

They say what you do / what happens to you, on the first day of a new year, goes on for the entire year. I do not know how far that's true or could possible have anything to do; but there is no other better way (I guess) to start the new year with, than doing what you love the most. So, here I write the first post for this year wishing you all a very very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

I am sure what's gone has gone for the better and what's arrived has arrived to make your life best. The year that's gone by has surely had its own set of happiness and love, ups and downs, positives and negatives; let's hope this new year will bring in a serenity that you may have desired all through the past year. Here is something I wish to share with you all, which if you like, are most welcome to follow :-)

1. DO NOT make any resolutions. Live each day to its fullest. No need for short-term or long-term goals even. Simply let each day takes its own course.
2. Work, if you do, but…