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The Lost Childhood

Childhood has always had a special place in our hearts. It is the time when there are no bindings on us on how to do what. It is the time when we just let ourselves be the way want to be. Nothing to bother about, except going to school, coming back, studying a little bit, playing games etc; on holidays, the freedom to step out wherever we wish to.

Childhood is so not like the times that we face when we are out of schools, suddenly surrounded by responsibilities that have to be met in a positive manner. Once we step out of the boundary that exists between school–life and college-life, we come to face the realities that are far from what we imagined in our earlier days. The competition to get into the best college of the lot, the zeal to survive the years of graduation, the confusion over whether to complete post graduation or settle for a professional course, one out of all this mess, the main responsibility to get into that “dream” job pops up.

How often we feel like stepping back to …