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To My Love

To my love,

It has been ages since we last met. Yet it seems only yesterday that we had walked hand in hand on the beach listening to the tides under the moon lit sky. I still remember the walk. We were meeting after almost a week. You had decided to surprise me with the news that I wish you had never told me. Yet, I feel glad you said it at the right moment. Was it really the right moment? I don't know whether it was the right moment or not. I have lost track of what exactly is the right moment. Don't fret over why I am bringing this topic up in a letter when all I could have done is just said it on your face. Probably, that would have made it easier for me to cope up with the circumstance. And, forever shutting you out of my memory. But, love is unfortunately such that neither lets me forget that right moment nor the other moments that we spend together in the span of six years.

Six years. Long time, indeed. Remember, the first time we met? I detested you to the core. But t…

That moment

That moment when I sit and wonder,
Where am I headed?
I struggle to come to a conclusion,
I cry and whine at my inability
To see the strength in me,
All I can see is the pile of defeat
The unsuccessful attempts
The mismanaged life cycle
The surmounting debts.That moment when I sit and contemplate
How I should focus on the present
And forget the future
But, Alas! The future has
Caught me in its web
Entangled, and without a sign of freeing,
I struggle to pull out of the web
The intensity with which the web
has woven itself around me
makes me shudder.That moment when I sit and decide
It's time to call it the end of the road
No, there hasn't been a speck of
Light at the end of this dark road
I tried, I struggled, I fought, I caught
But I failed,
Failed quite miserably.I fear,
I fear the society,
I fear the people I love,
I fear my own self,
I guess it is THAT MOMENT
When I should quit...