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Book Review: by Abhimanyu Jha

Have you ever been in love? I am sure you have. Isn't that moment great? Your life takes a completely different turn, of course for better or worse that depends on how you wish to handle it. So, how does it feel to be with (wo)man of your dreams?  Ultimate. But what if you fall in love with someone whom you've never met only heard, have never touched but only heard, have never even seen but only heard? Yes, I am talking about the invisible spirit or to put it straight a Ghost!
Oops! Did I scare you? I am sorry I didn't intend to. See, love is that strong a power. It can even make you fall in love with a ghost. Especially when the ghost in question is a twenty something pretty girl who "wears shimmering blue kurta with shimmering white squares all over it, shimmering sky blue dupatta to go with it, shimmering yellow leggings and shimmering bangles to accessorize it." The girl in question is Maahi, our protagonist of the book "". She …


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The white pages with letters scribbled all over them lay on Shekhar’s table in his study room. He clearly remembered those pages, which he had kept aside in one of his “To Read” files initially and had taken them out only a couple of days back after Naina reminded him. It was a Sunday afternoon, when Tara was at work finishing up her next cover issue and Roohi was fast asleep. Naina knocked on Shekhar’s study room door ‘Knock Knock’; “yes?” came the reply from Shekhar. Naina had never disturbed him when he was inside his study, which she considered to be his sacred place.

As Naina entered the room that afternoon, Shekhar was surprised. “What brings you here? Has Roohi not slept yet?”, said Shekhar in a mellowed voice with a cigarette stuck in his left hand and a copy of the latest TIME magazine in his other.

Naina took out a bundle of papers hidden behind her and handed them over to Shekhar. “What’s this?” he asked …

Books are man's best friend, Indeed

I happened to read this beautiful poem on Facebook. It had been shared by a publishing house' Facebook page. I just thought I ought to share this with everyone here.  The past few days had been a tumultuous one for my family. How grave a natural calamity can be, is realized only when one of your loved ones is a witness or sufferer of that. (I shall write about this at length in my other posts) There might have been several moments in your life too, when you had been let down, when you didn't know what to do at the moment, when the people around you would leave no stone unturned in bringing you down. It is those very moments when that small paperback tucked somewhere in the corner of your shelf gives you the breathing space. The small paperback that you may have been ignoring for quite some time due to your tiring schedules will give you the "right" break that you had been wanting for long.  "Books are man's best friend." Haven't we read this so many ti…

Book Review: 60 Minutes By Upendra Namburi

Going by the cover of the book and the praise showered on it, a reader would definitely want “60 Minutes” to stay true to its name and praise. But it is anything but that. The book is about the rivalry that exists between two ‘hot shots’ of corporate world; a romance that goes sour and turns into jealousy; pressures of a contemporary urban lifestyle and how it can take a toll on you, your mind and your life; It is also a book that delves into the world of stock market and how it is a make and break situation for many; It is also a book that shows how ambition can turn ruthless at times; It is a book of too many things woven into one. All the drama enfolds in plain 60 minutes.  
The book travels between the present, past and then back to present. By the time, you fathom what happens in the book, you are clueless. While trying to be ‘racy’, the book becomes a confused mess with situations whose descriptions go on and on and on. Basically, you just want to say “Enough, that’s it!”  The au…

Game of Blogs- ENTANGLED LIVES- Chapter 7

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Twenty Minutes was what she needed, to arrange the Dutta household in order. The presence of a nine-year-old child could have an impact on everything that is present in the house. However, this house was different in comparison to all the other places that Naina had earlier worked at. It was mostly in disarray due to the adults and not the child. She had been working at the Duttas’ since Roohi was just a month old. Tara had hired her through known sources, who had assured her of Naina's impeccable sincerity and humble attitude. And, Naina did stay true to that.

She wasn't like the usual maid servants you would see working in the Mumbai households. She was educated, could manage to speak English, which wasn't fluent, but at the same time it could be understood. Prior to working with the Dutta's, Naina had worked with an old couple who had taught her to read and write.

Nine years of relationship with the Dutta's had transfo…

Food Review- Terminus 1, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

In a first, and hopefully not the last, I attempt to write a food review of the restaurant, Terminus 1. This place is located on the second level of Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. Ask me about how we zeroed down to this restaurant? My friend, with whom I was going out for lunch, wanted to "try" or should I say "experiment" with food. She is a hard-core non-vegetarian and loves to experiment with food. Thanks to her acquaintances too, in office and otherwise, who have a liking like her, she doesn't spare a moment to try out places. Off late, she has become a blogger on Zomato; and thus, her culinary adventures have reached a new crescendo. So, after a lot of thought process, she finally zeroed down on this place.

As we made our way through the ever confusing ways of the mall, we finally were able to spot the restaurant. The restaurant had nice interiors with wooden flooring, live kitchen and drinks counter, a couple of briefcases and clocks adorned thei…

An Abstract Touch To Make My Home Beautiful

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In a quaint corner of the house, I sit with my favorite author and a cup of tea. On any other day, I would prefer to sit besides the window, stare outside and at the same time, be engulfed in the thoughts of the book that I hold.

Today, its been raining. And, quite heavily. I am left with no option but to sit on the bed and switch on the light to read. It is extremely dark outside, thanks to the dark clouds hovering above my apartment building.

Just as I am about to switch on the light, the power goes off. Disappointed that I may no longer be able to finish my favorite author's book, I open the windows to let some fresh air breeze in. As I look beyond the horizon, staring, pondering and just smelling the wet earth; my husband comes in.

Knowing very well that how much I love to read and all, he suggests me the most brilliant idea, which I could not have fathomed on my own. :-) While he was busy surfing something on the net…