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Dream Big! Think Big!! Achieve the Biggest!!!

I finished reading an article today in India Today magazine on how the Rural India was fairing better than the Urban India in all aspects. Several aspects were taken into account in the article that showed how the Rural India faired well and why. From GDP and per capita income to all the sectors that have contributed towards the growth of Rural India, everything had been presented well in the article with statistics. The three major reasons found to be the cause of this change were: spread of telecom network, good rural road network and lastly, the improvements in communications and transport.

The article also had profiles of some of the change-makers who played a major role in their small ways to help better a village, a community or even a small fraction of the population in some remote corner of India. To take for instance, a 31-year-old man from Manipur invented a machine that could withstand electric shock- an electric shock-proof converter. Don’t think this man is some great en…

There is something about the rain!!

There is something about the rain,
The freshness it brings to every object aroundThe smell of wet sand
The splitter and splatter of the rain drops
There is something about rain
that makes you forget every pain.

But the prelude to a rain
might not be as fresh,
The hot and sultry weather
The clouds playing
hide n seek with the sun
The perspiration that doesn't
give a breather
There is something about the rain
that makes you forget your pain.

Then there is the usual nostalgia
that strikes you when it rains,
Reminding you of people,
places, food and what not,
Yet you choose to forget those
And enjoy the present moment
embracing the rain
There is something about the rain
that makes you forget your pain.