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Confessions of A Diary ! !

To whomsoever has been a part of my life in some or the other way

After a long overhaul, I thought its time for me to say thank you to you for being so kind and generous in sharing with me your emotions. I know, I am your true companion in every sense.

You must be wondering how? Of course, I am. After all, I know what you wear everyday, what do you eat everyday, what do you to impress the guys or girls you meet in your office/college/public place. I know every moment of your life.

I think I know more than even your parents would. However, I have seen the after-effects of what happens when your parents read what you have shared with me. How can i forget that "why-didn't-you-share-this-with-us-first" look. Sorry, Am I rude? Oh , I didn't mean to!

But hey, come on! Think of it. Things that are dear to you. Things that you would not want to share with any third person. Things that even if you shared, you would want to keep some of the secrets to yourself. For every lit…

Read through pictures! Wander with them!

It takes a lot of effort to type out what you really feel, in a blog post. Moreover, with no space constraint, you are free to write as much as you want or you like. Just like I do. Not that I am a regular blogger. However, off late, reading many blog posts by friends, some known and some unknown, I am forced to stretch my imagination. Not that I am going to write some fiction, non fiction, poetry, article, opinion etc etc but I know by the end of this post, you readers will get something to read. And, who knows? May be after reading the post, you might feel why did I waste my time in writing this? or may go wow and exclaim "That's something I have never written.."

Jokes apart, I don't think I am the lone person, who gets ideas, words, expressions after reading and reading and some more reading. By reading, I don't wish to restrict myself or you to a mere newspaper reading. To each his own. I like to read blogs and books, sometimes magazines and surf websites as…