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Shreya Ghoshal- Live Concert

This will be my 89th post on my blog and 50th for the year 2014. Not bad. I wrote 50 posts this year. Now, I know I had promised myself and otherwise that I would write 30 poems for a period of one month in my "Keep Calm and Stay Positive" series; however, I have to break my own promise and end the series right here, right now. I conclude, it is not as easy as I thought it could be to write 30 poems in one go. You need more time and creative thinking to work in tandem with your imagination. I fell short of either of it once in a while. I did not want the poems to look more of forced writings, hence, decided to end it atDay 17.
So, what would be my 50th post for the year 2014? I first thought I would go down memory lane. Revisiting the year that is going to end in just Eight more days. However, I have decided to write about it in my next post, possibly. I still have eight days to go to write about 2014. Let me take you through one Saturday evening, to be precise, December 20…

Keep Calm and Stay Positive - Day 17

The following poem has been inspired from a book that am currently reading:

Success- a walk on a bed of thorns
Shed a drop of blood 
Thou shall be blessed with it, forever

Thorns, sometimes hurt, sometimes don't
It may tear your skin 
or simply just touch and go
But success will come to you either way.

Strive for what you have been aiming for
Look for your ambition
Embrace your passion
Walk along step by step
Success will come to you either way.

There will be a path, right or wrong;
One can take you to the pinnacle
The other can bring you down 
Choose wisely for
Success will come to you either way.

Keep Calm and Stay Positive- Day 16

The following poem has been inspired from just a mere phase of life:

Calm, composing breeze brushes past
Inhaled goodness, exhaled toxic thoughts
Breathe of fresh air turns on the key to motivation

Keep calm and Stay Positive Day 15

The following poem has been inspired by love and relationships.Gazing straight into her eyes
His tall figure overpowered her petite frame
Long and passionate,  it was, an eternal feeling

Keep Calm and Stay Positive - Day 14

The following poem has been inspired from the women, whom we come across almost everyday. When we travel in a bus or train or auto; While crossing a road, or having a coffee at a cafe; While strolling in the park or just observing the many women, whom we feel more beautiful/content/happier than us.
Stroking the strand of hair beside her eyes,
Her fingers searched for an answer
Confused, They settled beside her red voluminous lips

Keep Calm and Stay Positive- Day 13

The following poem is inspired by a bride, who is all set to begin her new life. She looks adorable and will probably havean adorable life too.Thou eyes, black large dots
spoketh silently, gazing around
swiftly making way for your new abodeAs she walks down the aisle to marry the man of her dreams. Her face blossoms like the new blooming flower.She blushed, like that rose in the garden
Her face like a moon on a full moon night
drowned in love, she tip toed to another world

Keep Calm and Stay Positive Day 12

Yet again another poem which cannot be seen as a positive and calm approach but still I write it under the same heading. The following poem is inspired by the recent rape incident that occured in New Delhi (Rape of a 27-year-old by an Uber can driver). Bruised lips, teeth dug in
Kohl smudged, flesh scooped out
She struggled but lost.

Keep Calm and Stay Positive- Day 11

The following Haiku is inspired from an image that I drew in my mind. I do not know who it was or whom be resembles but I felt instigated by the whole imagery and this is what followed-

Droopy eyes
Cursed Life

Keep Calm and Stay Positive - Day 10

This is not really a positive poem. Unfortunately,  when you see such incidents happening in a so called secular country, you can't really keep calm and positive. The following poetry has been derived from the mass conversion of muslims that took place in Agra on December 10. Secularism
Gone Hayware
Fanatics Abound

Keep Calm and Stay Positive- Day 9

I had promised to myself that I shall remain calm and positive all through. In an effort to do that,  I had given myself the task of writing 30 poems over a period of one month. I assume I am already past the deadline or probably may not be able to keep my promise. Thus, I will do a bit of cheating.  That being, I shall write poems but they might not be long ones anymore rather short poems, called Haiku. I came across this style of poetry while reading an article. I searched on the net and felt that this is the best way in which you can express yourself in short and concise manner. Haiku can be anything from an experience to an emotion to even an inanimate object. Thus, my Keep Calm and Stay Positive series is all set to take a different turn as I may end up writing the remaining poems in Haiku style.
Here goes my first attempt at writing a short poem. The inspiration for this poem came from my own baby. Curled Up,
He Lies,
Content, I feel.I may not have written it in the best possible…

Happy Birthday Kaku

#I wanted to post this tomorrow but somehow couldn't wait any longer since I had written this post two days back. So, it is basically an advance Birthday wish for Kaku.

Have you ever been fond of someone so dear yet who isn't related to you biologically? Whom you meet one fine day through your parents and who becomes an integral part of your life just like your parents, uncles, aunts, cousins etc. Someone, who is far away from you, whom you hardly remember often yet there are times when you remember them fondly and wish they were there. Someone, who is no longer physically present but has etched a never dying image in your mind. Someone, whom you have loved, not just unconditionally, but with as much love and affection as you would your parents.

I have. He is (was) my Soumen Kaku. An uncle, whom I met through my parents. He wasn't related to any of us. He was our family friend's relative's friend. You must be confused by now to what relation did he have with us. H…

Keep Calm and Stay Positive- Day 8 - Walk into oblivion

You know it is definitely not an easy task to "write" however, it is surely an arduous task to think, imagine, create and then "write." Poetry, for me, somehow falls in the latter category though surprisingly, whatever poems I have written till date have always been impromptu. Hence, I guess I was correct in choosing a theme like this for my "Keep Calm and Stay Positive" series. It will not only give me the mind to think and write but also nurture my ability to be impromptu.

This poem is a mix of both kind of writing. While the starting few lines had been hovering on my mind since long, the rest just followed as I typed through.

Walk into oblivion

Her eyes said it all
The 'kohl' was smudged
Like she had cried the whole night
The lipstick was smeared all over  
Like someone had forced upon her.

Yet when she emerged out of the dark windows
She had never looked so serene and calm
Whether it was her way to hide 
the atrocities meted out on her
Or was it that sh…

Keep Calm and Stay Positive - Day 7- He is the shadow that leaves never

I know I have not really followed the days pattern in my series to be positive. No excuses, just a plain simple reason, I wasn't keeping well, neither could I manage to think of poem nor did my little kiddo give me the time to sit down, relax and write something that I wanted to write. I do not know if am succeeding in keeping calm and staying positive however, I do know for a fact that writing these posts do give me that hint of staying positive even if it is for a matter of few seconds. I like it. And, probably because of this I may continue writing these posts till I complete 30 poems, doesn't matter whether I am able to keep the days in order or not.

There is nothing really that came into my mind while writing this poem. I merely remembered a scene outside my window, while I was having breakfast standing next to it and looking at the tree outside. There were four crows which tried to shoo away the Koel, which was trying to poke inside the nest of some other bird. They all…

Book Review- Unaccustomed Earth- Jhumpa Lahiri

I had read this book even before I started with thisbut somehow couldn't generate the time to write the review for the book. I know I am too late in probably reading and reviewing this book however, I didn't want to let those who haven't read Jhumpa Lahiri earlier, miss out on reading this one. Now, Lahiri's debut work, Interpreter of Maladies, was a poignant effort and had some really great short stories that stayed with you, long after you have finished reading the book. Unaccustomed Earth, is not really her best work but certain stories definitely remain etched in your heart forever.

The book, Unaccustomed Earth, is divided into two parts. The very first story of Part I is the title of the book. In this story, Ruma, a  young mother is visited by her father, who slowly tends to her garden in the backyard of her house. While tending to this earth, the father strikes a special bond with his grandson. Meanwhile, he hides a love affair from his daughter, keeping it all …

Book review- Longing, Belonging An Outsider at Home in Calcutta by Bishwanath Ghosh

Calcutta, the city of joy, is associated with each and every Bengali living on this planet even though he or she might not have the least possible connection with it. Despite being a Bengali, I am probably the only person (as far as I know) who doesn't like Calcutta as much as a quintessential Bengali would. Having born and brought up in Delhi, I detested going to Calcutta be it for anything. Often being rebuked by my mother for the same, I have heard countless stories of how she and her siblings would be excited about the summer holidays because they would get to visit Calcutta for almost the entire summer vacation. The very thought of spending two whole months in Calcutta gave me jitters. I don't know why I hated going there so much despite it being loved by everyone for its charm, life,  food, people, trains, tram etc etc.
My last visit to Calcutta was in 2010, when my friend PC from my Journalism college decided to head home while we the students were being taken for yet…