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A different life altogether!

Here I come
With the same thoughts in mind
A moment that I try hard to avoid
It is unfortunate that I can’t

There’s a life that I search
It is hidden somewhere
Somewhere far,
From where it just refuses to let go

I wonder!
Is it so difficult to hold onto that life?
Or that life deliberately eludes me?

Happiness and sadness
Form an intermingling aspect of that life
But it has to be, either of the both, for me
Because, I don’t wish to be with both
They, in turn, refuse to leave me alone
Accompanying me all through where I go.

It’s a game of hide n seek that both play with me
Yes! I loved playing hide n seek
In my childhood,
But that’s an age I have surpassed.

I wish I had a magic wound
To turn everything into the way I want
I know it’s a dream that cannot be fulfilled
A dream that I WISH to fulfill
A dream that I am sure I will make true
A dream, that when becomes reality
Would have all the ingredients of life
All in a proportion,
That neither outshines the other.


Have You ever thought?
Why is there so much pain in the world?
Why do people lose their life every second?
Why there is no one to stop these mis-happenings?
Why are we being victimized for no reason?

Fever and anger grip our minds,
We wait for someone who will let these unwind,
Yet, no one comes to our rescue.
Why?? Because everyone is busy in their own lives
Who cares, What happens to us,
Consolation needs to be brought alone by us.

Have you ever seen the world outside??
God has created it to be enjoyed,
But, It has lost its beauty from inside.

Who are we to be blamed?
Nobody knows,
Maybe our concern should be
to stop the chaos,
Yet we wait for others to take a step
Despite having courage worth so.

It's high time
Let's just begin,
A new day
A new world
A new life,
Let's light up the candle on our own
At the end of every tunnel,
With a vision of our own
For and by us!!!


I want to fly
Fly so high
That I go beyond the limits of the sky.

The sky has always been limitless for me
Yet I feel bound by limitations
The shackles surround me,
they hold me back,
they do not let me go free,
As hard as I try
I fail at every step.

Every morning is a new day
A new beginning
I open my arms to feel the newness
It gives a positive vibe
With this vibe, I move on
I move on to kick start a new beginning
with all the sadness left behind.

A new feeling engulfs my heart and soul
I decide to shed all the preconceived notions
and move further with a new belief
I hope to succeed
Succeed in all the endeavors I wish.

Hidden Somewhere

Sitting alone, staring at the sky
I gaze at stars,
The dark night stares at me
With a darkness so profound
I shield myself
Wandering my eyes from here to there,
Finding a way out of the darkness.

The more I try
The more the darkness envelops me,
I shout out loud but to no avail,
The dark night is too dark to let my voice be heard.

I feel a void, a void that needs to fill,
How? I have no answer to this
I try as hard as I can, to avoid the void
But it refuses to just let go off me.

I shut my mind to everything around me,
I need solace but it eludes me,
It plays a game of hide and seek.
Once hidden, it just refuses to be seen.

Where am I? Where is my true self?
I search, search through those dark corners
through the void
through the solace
but, my true self is nowhere near to me.

Can You find me?
find my true self?
Find the happiness for me?
the happiness that goes away just like the solace.

BRAZIL bids adieu to FIFA!

Well believe it or not BRAZIL is out of FIFA'10. As disappointing as it can be for football fans all over the world and so in India, the truth has been told. So, who was better in the match? I guess both the teams played well, it was a tough fight but nonetheless at the end of the day Netherlands was better and so they won!

This football season has been full of ups and downs especially for the biggies!!! Teams like Italy, France, England performed below everyones expectations. So there was something to cheer for many since the World No. 1 team was still in line but all hopes have vanished with the Brazilians being knocked out of the tournament.

The atmosphere in my office was worth noting. While on one hand everyone was busy making pages, on the other a goal or two by the teams drew the attention towards the TV frequently. It was as if everyone would jump into the field to get Brazil score a goal. But unfortunately everyone had to suffice themselves by limiting themselves to the ed…

The "Edit" page

The editorial page of a newspaper is one platform where not only the columnists express their viewpoints but also the common people who read the newspaper. It is also a page which is read but by very few people or only those who are in a habit of reading that page regularly or wish to improve their knowledge about the given opinion that comes in the paper.

Even i had been a part of this group. But offlate I started reading the editorial pages very carefully not because I plan to increase my knowledge or something but in order to learn how to make the page and sub letters. It's interesting to read the letters that the readers sent to express their viewpoint. While, some are sent just for the heck of it and some to actually express point on an issue.

The editorial page might look very interesting to the readers when they read it, but if one sees the amount of pain that goes into selecting letters for the column, one might change the view. I always thought that writing letters to the…


For the past few months i have been thinking of writing something on my blog. Whenever I switched on my laptop, and opened a new microsoft word document, words just refused to flow out of my mind. It seemed my mind was all blocked. No ideas, nothing, i just sat in front of my laptop looking at the screen and wondering what to write.
Days turned into months but words refused to flow. Today, a few minutes back I got a call from my friend, (whom I was actually thinking of at that very moment)and don't know what? just what struck inside my mind and I thought lets open the blog directly and start typing something!! Atleast I would get some worthy writing even if it is not great enough!
I dont care whether whatever I am writing now is even making sense to anyone, all what I know is the fact that I felt like writing and that's why I wrote. In the past few days I read certain blogs on WRITING. One of those posts had mentioned that when you want to write just don't let it stop, go a…