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What's on my mind?

There's so much on my mind, Facebook
What all should I write?
You have space, I know
To take in my rants
But does everyone around have the time
To read and comprehend
What's on my mind? I have been trying- struggling
To come to terms with
What's best in me?
What's best for me?
What's in store for me?
I have been trying- to stay calm
But the humdrum in my fickle mind
Refuses to die. The pen and the paper
stare at me from the shelves of my cupboard
I look away fearing it's a waste of time,
Yet, my heart yearns to take them together
and flow with the movements of one on the other. There's so much on my mind, Faceboook
What all should I write?
There are hundreds on my friend list,
Not one to lend an ear,
Everyone is moving along in their world,
While I crib and cry.

Home Delivery Review of Lunch Pi, Perungudi

This post has been due since long. And, finally I managed to put it here on the blog. Lunch Pi has been a blessing in disguise whenever I have had to order food in a short span of time. Food, which not only tastes good but is also well-packaged, and filling enough. All this at a decent enough cost. Lunch Pi's menu ranges from Rs100-300. Their combos are to die for, while there standalone menu items such as pasta and lasagne are worth the money spent. More importantly, the food is cooked well and is never ever dripping of excess oil, which is a usual site in otherwise restaurant food. However, I cannot say much on this as whenever I have ordered, it has either been the Chinese Combo or North Indian Non Veg Thali or Pasta.

So, with the coupon that I got via Chennai Bloggers Club, I was super confused as to what should I order. Having eaten almost all of their Chinese Combos, and since dinner was already by then, I decided to order some standalone items from their menu. I chose Achar…

Meet Sq Feet Subbu, your real estate tips master!

What is common between a cyclone and Chetan Bhagat? Both are natural disasters-  This PJ ends the hilarious yet interesting video on home insurance by Sq Feet Subbu a.k.a Venkatesh. The video is part of a campaign for DRA Homes, a real estate company that has recently entered the real estate market in Chennai. This funny video series is called "Open Secrets" and features Venkatesh, a stand-up comedian, popularly known as Mr. Bean of Chennai. The video series is aimed at helping buyers with making an informed choice while purchasing a house. 
A house is the most prized possession. Built out of years of hard earned money, embellished with love and care, a house is not merely a structure but a place where memories are etched. Needless to say, even a minor impairment to it can ruin our happiness. Though we care for our house and can prevent it from any man-made damages but keeping it safe from natural disasters might not be so easy. This is where having a home insurance helps. A…

10 things that I learnt from my first ever 10k run

I have been a part of this fitness group on Facebook for over a year. I guess someone added me there. At first, I took it to be just another random fb group until I started getting updates from the group on a daily basis. Somehow, despite being the lazy me that I was, I couldn’t avoid the group posts. Days after days, weeks after weeks, months after months, I would read motivational posts of people talking about their fitness routine, their struggle from fat to fit, and their motivation to all the fellow members for adopting a healthier and happier lifestyle and much more. Soon, it became like a big fitness family in the virtual world connected with people not just from across the country but also around the world.

It was the motivation and inspiration from these fellow group mates that I started slowly and steadily incorporating a walking schedule in my haphazard time table. Gradually, I started jogging too. I ate as much as I should and not more. Never realized when this regular re…

I struggled but overcame - Post for a Contest by Chennai Bloggers Club

I have been thinking of writing for this post since long. But somehow the fact that I had ‘struggled’ and overcame those struggles to reach where I am today made me feel miserable. Not that my struggles are probably the toughest. I am sure many other fellow bloggers, and for that matter, every person has had their own share of struggles, some worse than mine, some better. Guess that’s the beauty of a struggle. It took me quite some time to figure out what has been the most daunting task for me till date. And, have I been able to overcome it?

I don’t know which was harder – to take the decision of changing streams in Class XII, or to take up Journalism in IIMC when I could clear no other exam for a Post-Graduation. Or was it the time when I was well settled in a job, but had to quit and move back to parents because of their insecurity with my relationship. No, may be, it was the time when I wouldn’t find a suitable job and work for peanuts as a Freelancer.

But, I think I can safely sa…

Nimrat Kaur's new short film, Road Trip, leaves a hard hitting message to its viewers

Hi Friends,
The first time I saw Nimrat Kaur - in The Lunchbox trailer - I was bowled over by the simplicity with which she spoke. Quite contrary to the glamorous looks, and the size zero models, here was a new actress, who seemed just like a girl next door. Someone who not just pleased the audience with her charming and simple looks but also the way she acted. 
And, just when I wondered and hoped that she would come back soon on the screen with yet another heart-warming performance, here she was with this short film - Love Shots : #RoadTrip - produced under the Y-Films banner. 
The short film that stars Nimrat Kaur and Tahir Raj Bhasin begins with their chatter and petty arguments on love, relationship and about everything just like every other couple. The way they converse with each other, one would reminisce the time they spend together and how they usually have such talks pulling each others leg. But wait till the end, the movie turns out to be completely different from what it h…

To My Love

To my love,

It has been ages since we last met. Yet it seems only yesterday that we had walked hand in hand on the beach listening to the tides under the moon lit sky. I still remember the walk. We were meeting after almost a week. You had decided to surprise me with the news that I wish you had never told me. Yet, I feel glad you said it at the right moment. Was it really the right moment? I don't know whether it was the right moment or not. I have lost track of what exactly is the right moment. Don't fret over why I am bringing this topic up in a letter when all I could have done is just said it on your face. Probably, that would have made it easier for me to cope up with the circumstance. And, forever shutting you out of my memory. But, love is unfortunately such that neither lets me forget that right moment nor the other moments that we spend together in the span of six years.

Six years. Long time, indeed. Remember, the first time we met? I detested you to the core. But t…

That moment

That moment when I sit and wonder,
Where am I headed?
I struggle to come to a conclusion,
I cry and whine at my inability
To see the strength in me,
All I can see is the pile of defeat
The unsuccessful attempts
The mismanaged life cycle
The surmounting debts.That moment when I sit and contemplate
How I should focus on the present
And forget the future
But, Alas! The future has
Caught me in its web
Entangled, and without a sign of freeing,
I struggle to pull out of the web
The intensity with which the web
has woven itself around me
makes me shudder.That moment when I sit and decide
It's time to call it the end of the road
No, there hasn't been a speck of
Light at the end of this dark road
I tried, I struggled, I fought, I caught
But I failed,
Failed quite miserably.I fear,
I fear the society,
I fear the people I love,
I fear my own self,
I guess it is THAT MOMENT
When I should quit...

How much do you love your smartphone?

How do you feel when your smartphone dies? Is that feeling similar to someone precious you may have lost in life? Does it break your heart? That you burnt a hole in your pocket for purchasing that tiny little (or the size of your palm) device can surely make your heart burn. But isn't it weird that a tiny little device has taken such an important place in your life. So much so that when it dies, you don't know what to do. You don't remember phone numbers of your friends. Even if you do, there is no point, as you wouldn't spend your precious money on sending an SMS or calling them because you don't have WhatsApp available. So what if you spent  thousands to buy that tiny little device that's taken up a giant proportion of your life?Precisely, this is what I realised in the past one week that my phone went dead. Nothing came to my rescue. Not even my Facebook status. Nobody read it (though I have over 600 friends on FB). Neither did I receive any call or SMS from…

Book Review: Life after Life by Kate Atkinson

Hi All, 

It's been really long since I posted a book review. Though I had aimed at a 'book a weekend ', the  first book that am reviewing ended up being a 600-page novel and it was far from getting over by the weekend. 


What if you had the chance to live your life again and again, until you finally got it right?

During a snowstorm in England in 1910, a baby is born and dies before she can take her first breath.
During a snowstorm in England in 1910, the same baby is born and lives to tell the tale.
What if there were second chances? And third chances? In fact an infinite number of chances to live your life? Would you eventually be able to save the world from its own inevitable destiny? And would you even want to?

Life After Life follows Ursula Todd as she lives through the turbulent events of the last century again and again. With wit and compassion, Kate Atkinson finds warmth even in life’s bleakest moments, and shows an extraordinary ability to evoke the past. Here she …

Beginning 2016 with a night long trip to Chikmagalur

The first post of 2016 has finally arrive, though a week late. Last year, I had written the first blog on the first day of the year, with an aim to continue the trend throughout. I am glad I succeeded in it. This year, while writing was on my agenda, there was something else hovering over my mind. A long weekend awaited all of us during the beginning of the New Year. Almost everyone that I know of had some or the other plans ready. We on the other hand had just a small idea of heading to Bengaluru to be with family (His parents and sister). So while on one hand, I checked for Tatkal tickets to Bengaluru, I simultaneously opened multiple windows to see 'weekend getaways from Bengaluru'. That's how I zeroed down on Chikmagalur. While there are many lessons learnt on this impromptu trip, there is no denying that it was the need of the hour too. Moreover, I was of the opinion that who knows may be, if I began the year with a travel, the year may continue to be so :-)

How we pl…