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A response to Abhijit Mukherjee's statement

This post is a response to what Mr Abhijit Mukherjee, (sadly) son of the President of India, said today about the protesters in Delhi. So, Mr Mukherjee thinks that the protesters were all "dented and painted" women and not any students. I wonder what made Mr Mukherjee vent out such a remark in an interview to a vernacular news channel. His words- "Those who are coming in the name of students in the rallies, sundori, sundori mahila (beautiful women), highly dented and painted." show what sort of mentality or rather what goes on in the mind of this fellow all the time.

Mr Mukherjee, an MP from Jangipur seat which Pranab Mukherjee had vacated before his election to the post of President, had surely overlooked the fact that an interview to a vernacular news channel will not remain within the confines of that particular news channel or rather that state boundary. Considering the kind of media hype surrounding the recent protests in Delhi, this remark was definitely not g…

Being Stuck

How many times have you been stuck in the middle of somewhere? Unable to decide, which way to go? What to choose? If chosen, whether the decision was correct in all aspects or was it merely an answer to the millions of questions popping in your head.

Guess, everyone has their own way of looking at things. What might be an easier decision for you, might turn out to be a difficult one for someone close or related to you. Often, while deciding on these choices, we tend to forget the things that we are surrounded with. We forget that had it not been for the decisions we have been taking till now, our present wouldn't have looked the way it is. Our present looms under the shadows of the past thereby affecting the future.

As the saying goes, "Karmanye Waadhika Raste Maa Faleshu Kadachana", to translate in English, Keep working hard without worrying about the result. There can be no short cut to hard-work. If you work hard, results will automatically appear and well enough. C…


I was never like this, she thought
But then what made me be so, she wondered
If it was not for my own sake, she asked
Why would have I done so, she said.

I was never so, she reiterated
But you made me think from your perspective, she pondered
I should have listened to my heart, she grieved
Not that I do not have time to change, she wondered
I shall introspect because I need to,
or else, I shall repent, she thought.

I hear screams and laughs,
I dare not ask why, she shivered
But what if I dared,
Will that be against your law? she wondered
Her mind wandered from one to another thought,
Yet she could not conclude.

I was never like this, she thought
I grew up on positive thoughts,
I groomed myself as per my wish, she said
How could I let go of my own self?
For I had nothing to lose, nothing to gain, she pondered.

Here I am yet again, alone
Where I was, Where I shall always be
Yet, I long for that one moment
When I could say,
Happiness is not beyond my expectations,
Then Why do you elu…

In Continuity

You don't need anyone to tell you to write. But more often than not, there is something in the mind that pops up and we end up writing about it. It can be anything. From a poetry, to a travel writing, to a book review, to opinions and comments, and so and so forth. There have been times when I have read a piece, a news, an article, a book, and have felt writing what I personally feel about the topics written or discussed in the read matter. But, there is something that resists me from writing that down!

With the social media becoming so advanced that an 400 word article can be posted in merely two or three lines as a Facebook status or Tweet, the days when you actually sat down by the window side, sipped through a cuppa coffee and poured your heart out in a diary or a laptop, seem long gone. May be not for many. Off late, I have been reading a few blogs where the author has written about what s/he feels about something that is bothering him/her personally. By reading those blogs,…

Dream Big! Think Big!! Achieve the Biggest!!!

I finished reading an article today in India Today magazine on how the Rural India was fairing better than the Urban India in all aspects. Several aspects were taken into account in the article that showed how the Rural India faired well and why. From GDP and per capita income to all the sectors that have contributed towards the growth of Rural India, everything had been presented well in the article with statistics. The three major reasons found to be the cause of this change were: spread of telecom network, good rural road network and lastly, the improvements in communications and transport.

The article also had profiles of some of the change-makers who played a major role in their small ways to help better a village, a community or even a small fraction of the population in some remote corner of India. To take for instance, a 31-year-old man from Manipur invented a machine that could withstand electric shock- an electric shock-proof converter. Don’t think this man is some great en…

There is something about the rain!!

There is something about the rain,
The freshness it brings to every object aroundThe smell of wet sand
The splitter and splatter of the rain drops
There is something about rain
that makes you forget every pain.

But the prelude to a rain
might not be as fresh,
The hot and sultry weather
The clouds playing
hide n seek with the sun
The perspiration that doesn't
give a breather
There is something about the rain
that makes you forget your pain.

Then there is the usual nostalgia
that strikes you when it rains,
Reminding you of people,
places, food and what not,
Yet you choose to forget those
And enjoy the present moment
embracing the rain
There is something about the rain
that makes you forget your pain.

An answer from the setting sun

I stare at the setting sun,
Trying to give a new meaning to my life,
The sun sets, the moon rises,
I, yet to find, the meaning, choose to stare,
Stare on,Till the sun rises and sets again

With every sunset, I see a new beginning
A new chapter of my life,
The chapter which remains unopened,
For reasons unknown to me,
I search through my mind to find the reasons,
They deceive me

And, so I wait yet again for another sunset,
For this time, I am determined,
To find answers to all the unknown things
That have enveloped me,
I do find, in the bright glowing sun,
The answers, The reasons
And, give my mind a breather!

The Happiness Within!

My blogs earlier used to be either poetry or my comments on something related to what's happening around the world. But now I have realised, after seeing other blogs as well that I should write on anything and everything under the sun! Till the time, they are my own, what's the big deal about it!

This post I dedicate towards 'Happiness." Many of you who will read this post might wonder what's wrong with this writer, why is she writing about something many people would have already written, re-written, shared about! But that's what my blog is all about. I don't care if someone has already written about the post I write today. For what I care is, I will write something.

I have always wondered about that one moment when a person feels 'happy to the core." Happiness can come from anything and everything. We just need to look around and see. We can be happy when we are home. We can be happy when we are at work. We can be happy when with family and frie…

Once Again!

So after a long wait, i take to writing this blog post. I don't know what took me so long to write. Writing is something which I always wanted to do and loved doing it. However, off late, I have become 'lazy' to even sign into my blog accounts to write something.

I open the laptop, open the MS Word doc and then close it again without 'saving' anything in the document. Why? I do not know. Never before had I taken aversion to writing. It is not that I do not want to write. But it is this laziness that has struck big time and hard. I had so many things to write. So many things to share. However never took the courage to pen down anything. Everything became a 'tweet' or a 'Facebook' status!

I still ask myself what is it that is stopping me from writing. I know, if i wish to, I can write and that too very well. However, if I take a long sabbatical from writing, my ideas will fade through just like my memories. And, I do not want that. For fading away of…

The Before and After of Tsunami

The usual afternoon it was. After a nice lunch, consisting of, maacher jhol bhaat, I stretched my legs on the bed and was watching TV. Out of habit, I took my cell phone in hand and first thing first, logged into my Twitter account via mobile. My Twitter account was flooded with tweets about Tsunami alerts announced in India. For a moment, I was taken aback. Tsunami? Why? Suddenly? Then scrolling down Twitter, I realised that it all began with an 8.9 measuring earthquake that hit Indonesia which had an impact on cities in India as well, including Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, to name a few.

I was amazed. I was shocked more to see the name of the city, where I reside presently, in the name of tremor-felt zones. I wondered where the hell was I? In dreams? No, I was busy enjoying my meal with my husband on a hot and sultry afternoon at home. Discussing about everything, from office to car to traffic, but not once did we realise that amidst all those discussions, we missed out the tremors that…

I am...your words

I am what you speak
I am what you think
I am what you feel
I am your "words"

My absence makes a deep impression in your expressions
My presence lightens the essence of each sentence
I am self-obsessed
When you smile, I am optimist
When you cry, the pessimist inside me bears its fruit
When you laugh, I get a sense of myself
I carve myself depending on your moods

Yet thou let me go like this
I wait and wait for you to return
To wake me out of my slumber
However, my wait is in vain
As neither do you return to me
Nor do I wake up
I am lost in my slumber
And, so am I lost within you

The harder you try
The better it is for me
The more I shall come near to you
You shall be embraced in my thoughts
My expressions shall be yours
You will not have to try harder any long
As I shall be indebted to you forever

So, do not lose me
do not let me go so soon
For, there shall never be a tomorrow again
so grasp me as much as you can
Let your imagination unfold
come out of "your" slumber
And, write me down
For, I am yo…