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The Before and After of Tsunami

The usual afternoon it was. After a nice lunch, consisting of, maacher jhol bhaat, I stretched my legs on the bed and was watching TV. Out of habit, I took my cell phone in hand and first thing first, logged into my Twitter account via mobile. My Twitter account was flooded with tweets about Tsunami alerts announced in India. For a moment, I was taken aback. Tsunami? Why? Suddenly? Then scrolling down Twitter, I realised that it all began with an 8.9 measuring earthquake that hit Indonesia which had an impact on cities in India as well, including Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, to name a few.

I was amazed. I was shocked more to see the name of the city, where I reside presently, in the name of tremor-felt zones. I wondered where the hell was I? In dreams? No, I was busy enjoying my meal with my husband on a hot and sultry afternoon at home. Discussing about everything, from office to car to traffic, but not once did we realise that amidst all those discussions, we missed out the tremors that…