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The Heart That Refuses To Be

What is that heavy feeling in the heart? Have you felt that before? Have you noticed when it happens? Any particular time of the day, or any anxious moment, or just all through the day you feel your heart is heavy with a feeling that just refuses to come out. What do you do in such a circumstance? Do you pour your heart out to someone? Or do you tuck that feeling in your heart and go to bed with eyes wet? Or do you keep it within yourself till the time it just explodes and there is no way you can hold them back?

Do you feel the weight of that feeling in your heart, now that you are reading this post? You do. Even if you don't, you would soon after. My question or rather my point is, why does the heart feel so heavy at times? No, this is no love game. But a game bigger than you can probably imagine or you would want to imagine. It is not just always about love, breakups, lost friendships. Our heart bleeds for more reasons than one. It can be your failure to convey your feelings or…

An Ode to Kalam

Hard to believe that you're no longer with us, Sir
Harder to soak in
that you shall never return,
Your thoughts, your words, your dedication,
Shall always be etched in our hearts forever.

You are a motivation,
to the millions who dream to be;
You are an inspiration
for the billions who strive to be;
You were, you are, you shall always be
remembered as a gem of a person.

You might have left for
the heavenly abode,
But your views, your ideas
are still with us;
The knowledge that you imparted
to us through your actions and words
have left an indelible mark on us.

As a nation, a mere Thank You
shall not serve the purpose,
We shall promise to make
this country, your India,
Our India, a country for all;
a country that you dreamed of.

Read some inspiring quotes by APJ Abdul Kalam- HERE

Food Review: Bhatinda Xpress- Velachery, Chennai

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, when the urge to cook just fades away, I ended up scouting through Zomato's Delivery options in and around OMR, Chennai. After spending almost half an hour looking through menus of respective restaurants, their locations and home delivery options, I zeroed down on Velachery because that was only the area that had some decent restaurants, with a good menu overall in the offing. I was confused between two restaurants- Rock and Bhatinda Xpress- and finally, after consultation with a fellow foodie, living in Velachery and having tried almost all the restaurants in the area, I decided to order from Bhatinda Xpress.

Bhatinda Xpress claims to serve authentic Punjabi dishes. Scanning through their menu was in itself quite a task and made me hungrier as I kept going from one page to other figuring out what to order. My fellow foodie and friend had provided me the phone number of the Restaurant owner. The owner was extremely polite and courteous in taking the or…

Restaurant Review: Sigree, Adyar, Chennai

I have been an ardent fan of Sigree since the time a very dear friend of mine introduced me to this place. Back then, it was only at Nungambakkam. And, going till Nungambakkam all the way from OMR was always a painstaking task irrespective of a car or cab. Thus, my joy knew no bounds when I saw the board- SIGREE- on Adyar, months ago when this restaurant was in its final shape. Since its launch, I have been to this restaurant almost 5-6 times. Never have I been disappointed. On Friday afternoon,  as my husband and I were returning home after some work, we decided to stop over at Sigree for lunch. Though I wanted to try out a new place, my husband, who ain't that experimental with food, wanted to have normal "khana". As I got out of my car to handover the car keys for a valet parking, the parking person asked if I had reservation. I was a little surprised because this sort of a question usually came through in Barbeque Nation or such places. So we decided to head to the r…

Food Review:- Tasneem Ayub's Ammees Kitchen

This review should have been up by Wednesday. Unfortunately,  I couldn't type it out then. Not just out of lazyness but I was unable to come out of the "Biryani Coma" I was in, after eating the delicious Mutton Biryani from Tasneem Ayub's Ammees Kitchen.
Now, Tasneem Ayub or rather Tasneem Aunty, as she is fondly known as in the Chennai food circle and otherwise, is an effervescent chef whose preparation of food comingles with her love to spread happiness in the lives of others. I had till Wednesday, July 22nd, only heard of her Biryani and read some rave reviews about it and some other delicacies that come out of her kitchen. So when the time to order some Mutton Biryani in office came up, I stumbled upon her Facebook page which showed her location as very close to where my office is currently.
It was a treat by a colleague but the suggestion for choosing the Biryani place came on me. I knew that this was the right time to try Tasneem Aunty's famous Mutton Bir…

What Happens When You Tune Into A Hindi Radio Channel After Ages

What happens when you tune into a Hindi Radio channel after ages- in Chennai? You like all the songs, almost, being played on the channel. So what if the lyrics of those songs are simply berserk, or that the same songs are being played twice or sometimes thrice in  a day on various shows, or that you wouldn't listen to those songs unless otherwise being forced to. Yes, this is precisely what's happening with me for the past couple of weeks.

It was one Friday morning, while driving from home to my new workplace, that I stumbled upon this Radio channel. The heavy-toned Salman Khan welcomed me- "Vannakam Chennai, You're listening to 94.3 Radio One." The channel, 94.3 Radio One - 100% Bollywood, 100% Chennai has gone for an overhaul, from what it seems to me. Though the very first day I assumed that it was probably just that period of time that the channel was going to play Hindi music; I was proven wrong when while driving back from office to home, I heard some mor…

Posts on Chennai- New Announcement

Hi All,

This post is more like an announcement to all of you. After weeks of brainstorming, I have decided (finally) that I would be writing a weekly post from the city I am currently living in. Yes, it would be about Chennai. Like it or not, the blog will be published on a weekly basis. I am yet to decide on the day, but it would mostly be either a Monday or a Friday.

You must be wondering what difference does it make? I don't think anything great but yes it could surely make you see Chennai through the eyes of an outsider settled here. But it would purely be something I like, dislike, feel, see, observe, breathe, about this city- Chennai- where I have been settled for the past four and half years. And, like I say in every (job) interview that I attend- Whether I plan to move out of this city- I do not see any signs of moving out of this city in the coming years.

When I had come down to Chennai, in October 2011, little did I know that I would end up staying here for so long. I s…

Destination Defined

All things haywire
Not a single outcome
Striving and selecting
Choosing from the good
or the bad.
Life is following a rugged path
Treading carefully
Where to go
Following a step at a time
She reaches her destination
Destination defined...

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At the threshold of something ominous
holding on to the naive dig deep down you'll find the true meaning of life...
It isn't your life  that is at the crossroad It is your mind   that refuses to de-clutter thoughts that have formed a cobweb of dreams...
Dreams that remain  unfulfilled.. Dreams that remain in the nook of heart.. Dreams that remain like cracks in the glass ready to break into pieces never to be found again...
No they aren't lost They are just scattered here and there, everywhere, Dreams that remain omnipresent yet so far...
As you dig deep down searching for your dreams clearing away the cobwebs You are at crossroads yet again with neither here nor there to go...

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Thank You, Ira Singhal!

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) announced its result for the much awaited 2014 Civil Services Examination today. As I saw my Facebook news feed filled with the news headlines, I was urged to go to the site and find out if any familiar names appear. Not that I would know of anyone. The first thing that caught my eye after scrolling down the pages of the result was a name on top of the list. Left side of the list showed the rank, while next to it was written the name- 1. Ira Singhal. My first reaction- Woah! That's a girl. I was thrilled beyond words. It was not just the first rank but the next three rank holders too were girls! The top 4 positions of India's most prestigious examination were all bagged by girls.

I do not have a very long post to write this time. All I want to say to all four women candidates, who bagged the top four slots, especially Ira Singhal is that "Thank You" from the bottom of my heart. I really hope that your success should pave way fo…

Every Dog Has It's Day!

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this post are my personal. They may vary from people to people and be different for different circumstances. 

The joy of doing something, which you had been contemplating since long, on the very first day of a new month is pure bliss. More so, if it is something that was causing you terrible emotional and mental harassment. I resigned from an organisation where I had joined just a few months ago. It feels bad. Not because I am leaving the organisation but because I made a decision that went horribly wrong.

When you join an organisation, you place your hopes as per what you hear, see, and are told about them. But what happens when you join new and all you get to hear is everything negative about the place of work? You tend to flow with the emotions. There are however, high chances that you may want to steer away from all that is negative and strive in pushing yourself to achieve all that will fetch you good.

You make new 'friends'; you attract…