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The city moves on

"Everybody is everybody in Delhi but nobody is a nobody," That's what I felt was the punch line of the movie "No one killed Jessica." Based on the real life story of Jessica Lall, the movie depicts the entire episode of the murder of the model in Delhi. There is not an inch of a doubt that all the audiences to the movie had already known what the movie was about to show, but i am sure not many of them would have known the suffering that the victim's family had gone through over those years of fighting for justice.

The movie aptly depicts how the so-called "high class" society of the India's capital survive and have been surviving irrespective of what happens around them; despite the fact that the matter in concern involves them as well. It is indeed impossible to understand the people of Delhi with its increasing mixed breed of people from all across the country. Who is who? here, in this city? no one knows. However, everyone is someone's s…