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I am..the bird~

I am a bird
who loves to fly
over the limitless sky
who loves when it rains
to sit beside the branch
and nurture thy self
who loves to pick and drop
things that lead to the
making of my house
who loves to lie around
like any other being on this earth
I am the bird
who can traverse across the world
to destinations unknown
to a land of my own
to the interminable end
I am the bird
who will never let
you snatch away
my freedom
freedom to fly
freedom to speak
freedom to lie
freedom to spread the joy
Joy that'll make me smile
make me cry
make me love
make me live
and let me FLY!!!

The Toon World

I was reading an article that was published in the magazine supplement of The Indian Express, called "eye" last Sunday. The article was about how the world of "Toys" have transformed the childhood by introducing the children to the adult world at a very nascent stage. 

The article made me ponder over the fact that it is not the just the toys that have explicitly made children groom themselves like the toys but it is also the Cartoon characters that we get to see on television nowadays. The Cartoons are no longer a means of entertainment for the Children; they have been full of such high-voltage action that the children try to imitate in the normal life.

The likes of Mickey, Donald, Goofy are long gone and have taken the shape of Dragon Ball Z, Power Rangers, Ben10 etc. What baffles me all the more is that now the children are more attracted towards such action packed cartoons and do not associate themselves with cartoons ending with moral lessons anymore.

In the name …