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it was not a dark and stormy night but quite the opposite actually..sitting besides my window, my eyes were gazing at the star studded sky..random thoughts crossed across my mind..though i was unsure of what i was seemed as though the night was conversing with me through its stillness..the gestures that the night made with me in silence was unseen and unheard by others..i was all by myself..there were certain noises that i could hear across the street but such was the mesmerizing night that even the noises made by cars, buses, autos seemed music to my ears!! i have never had such an experience in my life before..i was melancholic throughout the day for some reason that i myself don't know..sometimes your mind actually does not give the reason regarding your sadness!!but the night seemed to move me out of my state of melancholy into a new world that i was unable to view!!the moon smiled at me..the stars came down to take me out of my troubled self!!!but here i was all …