The city moves on

"Everybody is everybody in Delhi but nobody is a nobody," That's what I felt was the punch line of the movie "No one killed Jessica." Based on the real life story of Jessica Lall, the movie depicts the entire episode of the murder of the model in Delhi. There is not an inch of a doubt that all the audiences to the movie had already known what the movie was about to show, but i am sure not many of them would have known the suffering that the victim's family had gone through over those years of fighting for justice.

The movie aptly depicts how the so-called "high class" society of the India's capital survive and have been surviving irrespective of what happens around them; despite the fact that the matter in concern involves them as well. It is indeed impossible to understand the people of Delhi with its increasing mixed breed of people from all across the country. Who is who? here, in this city? no one knows. However, everyone is someone's someone here, trying to make a stand in the city, which can hardly be called their own.

Who does not know what happened in the Jessica Lall murder case? How the accused were first let off and then due to the immense hue and cry made by the media, the case was reopened and finally justice was done. It is hard to understand that with such an easy open and shut case with hundreds of witnesses, how the judgment took so long to be given. Does that put a question mark on the credibility of our judiciary, our investigation departments and of course the people?; the witnesses who turned hostile just at the right moment, when a judgement that could have been rendered within a particular year takes a number of years to come out? And that too, after the entire nation puts pressure on the authorities who should ideally act before such a protest begins.

The Jessica Lall murder case is just a case out of the millions of cases that go unnoticed by the citizens. There are millions of such families like the Lall's, whose lives turn upside down running between home and court. Will anyone ever understand that? I doubt so, Because those who should understand do not pay heed to what the citizens go through. For them, it is just another case that forms a regular feature of a court room.

The director, Raj Kumar Gupta, has tried his best to showcase in the movie the reality that can actually bite those who have tried to evade the truth since long. I wonder even if the witnesses who turned hostile in the case, go and watch the movie, but would they feel even an inch of guilt that they perhaps should of what they did? They would not! Why? Because they have moved on in their lives beyond the walls of the court room and Jessica Chapter! What they probably have in their life as of now, or rather their priority in life at the present instance is, or would be, may be organizing a few more of such parties and then playing mere spectator in the drama that unfolds later on.

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