Confessions of A Diary ! !

To whomsoever has been a part of my life in some or the other way

After a long overhaul, I thought its time for me to say thank you to you for being so kind and generous in sharing with me your emotions. I know, I am your true companion in every sense.

You must be wondering how? Of course, I am. After all, I know what you wear everyday, what do you eat everyday, what do you to impress the guys or girls you meet in your office/college/public place. I know every moment of your life.

I think I know more than even your parents would. However, I have seen the after-effects of what happens when your parents read what you have shared with me. How can i forget that "why-didn't-you-share-this-with-us-first" look. Sorry, Am I rude? Oh , I didn't mean to!

But hey, come on! Think of it. Things that are dear to you. Things that you would not want to share with any third person. Things that even if you shared, you would want to keep some of the secrets to yourself. For every little thing, I am there with you. I am your partner in the elated self, the angry self, the gloomy self, the egoist self, the loving self, the passionate self... Yet you despise me, when your head boils over someone.

How many times have you torn my pages into pieces..and dumped them in the many times have my smooth and earthly-smelling pages born the brunt of your anger.. I say earthly-smelling, because that's how I am to you.. My pages smell of your emotions. I breathe everyday what you have stored in me. Your words are my breath. Yet, you choose to let me not turning to me when you need me the most..

Tell me, when have I ever despised you? Unlike your friends, companions, acquaintances, even soul-mates; have i ever left you in the lurch. Have I ever made you feel guilty of something that you have done wrong? I do not remember a single instance like that. Rather, I have made you overcome every possible disappointment or success of your life. Haven't I?

Ask yourself. Haven't I brought the dimples on your cheeks whenever you flipped through me? Haven't I made you blush whenever you read about your past crushes and affairs? Yes, I agree I might have embarrassed you by reminding you of your fantasies and some such embarrassing moments that you cared to share with me!! But I am not to be blamed for that. Come to think of it, its you who had chosen to etch those instances in me. May be, you thought I was the best person in whom you could confide.

I know I know, I have gone far too long in thanking you. Or do you take this more as a complaint? Oh come on! I do not have anything to complain about.

Just like you took your time out to fill the blank verses that flowed in your mind; I am doing my bit by keeping the sole hope of my life alive. Yes, as I said, your words are my breath. So don't take my breath away by not filling the blankness I am enveloped with. Rather, keep sharing, as I am your true companion who will never let you down irrespective of what you go through!!
Your Loving Diary


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