Monday, April 27, 2015

The Missing Element

A long day is coming to an end,
Consumed by the chores
I look for the missing element,
Facades of black, grey and white
hound the four corners,
I look for an escape
from the madness around.

As I step out to soak in the fresh air,
I absorb the lush green leaves of the Banyan,
try to construe the Cuckoo's calling,
I look for the missing element,
Facades of concrete, honking cars
hound the surroundings,
I look for an escape
from the hullabaloo.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock,
Oh! It was a dream,
I look for the missing element,
A toothless smile appears
I could see it from the corner of my eyes
A smile that eased the pain within,
A smile that erased the facades of dream,
A smile that turned me a new leaf.

Friday, April 24, 2015

The Fruits of Labor


Pitter Patter! Pitter Patter! 
Rain plays a rhythmic sound..
I soak in the fragrance of wet earth..
A drop on my cheeks, comes trickling down to my lips..
A drop on the leaves of that plant..
comes trickling down to my palms..

As I try holding on to the droplets,
They merge with the lines on my palm..
Playing "Catch me if you can" 
I struggle to close the palms,
to not let the droplets fall..
Caught in the web of struggle,
I fumble, I tumble, but in vain,
One last effort in 'catching' the droplet
I make use of a tiny tumbler,
This time the droplet gives way
and trickles from the tip of my fingers
to the bottom of the tumbler..

That droplet taught me a lesson divine,
Light is there at the end of every tunnel,
Dark clouds always part their way for the rising sun,
Setting sun always makes way for the milky moon,
The twinkling stars shine on a dark and sultry night,
Failure paves the way for pinnacle of success,
There is hope even in despair..

Ditch the despair, embrace the joy
Like the budding flower, sow the seeds of an overhaul
You will reap what you sow,
Fruits of your deed will ripe, 
and unlike the trickling droplets,
Will cling to the trees waiting for you to pluck,
and savor the fruit of your labor..

The Power In Me

I have the power in me, in my mind, in my body, in my soul...
Power to look within, to feel happiness, to forgo hatred...
I have the power in me, to make this world a better abode to be in...
To turn the tide against the mighty mean world...
To shift the balance towards an innocuous world...
I have the power in me, to think exceptional...
To change the sight, smell and sound in and around...

My thoughts are my words, my being..
They are my clout, an addition to my firm self..
I strive to perceive, only the best...
Abandoning the adverse, absorbing the rest...
I look towards the lightening and thunder in the sky...
The raindrops pierce through the dark sky...
Bringing a sense of joy and new found energy...
My thoughts hang in that moment...
Forgoing all things said and done...
I realize the power was always in me...
The need was to soak in with the power in me...

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Book Review- My Clingy Girlfriend by Madhuri Banerjee

What is a clingy girlfriend? A clingy girlfriend will go through your phone. She will destroy the contact numbers of every other girl on your phone. She will delete your Facebook profile. And will give you forty-five missed calls in the sixty minutes you put your phone on silent for an office presentation. 
A clingy girlfriend will say: 'Carry two sets of fully charged mobile batteries so you can be in touch with me. Always.' 'In my dream, you were flirting with some other girl and then ended up in bed. Dreams are a manifestation of some act that is carried out in daily life. Are you cheating on me?' 'You have issues. You need to get therapy. Are you cheating on me?'  And the worst one: 'Why aren't we married yet?'
Obrokranti Banerjee's girlfriend ticks all of these and more. Caught between wanting to break up and the fear that he'll never find another girlfriend if he does, Obrokranti finds himself doing things he never imagined: watching Shah Rukh Khan movies, having to fast with her on karva chauth and perhaps worst of all, having his girlfriend join him on a boys night out!
Bestselling author Madhuri Banerjee brings to you an uproariously howl-arious account of a simple Bengali boy in Mumbai who copes, mopes and hopes to find logic and reasoning with his clingy girlfriend. It's writing Madhuri's never done before and promises to change her name if you don't laugh at least five times while reading this book!
You know you have one too. This is your story. My Clingy Girlfriend.
The blurb of the book, 'My Clingy Girlfriend' by Madhuri Banerjee is enough to leave you in splits. So goes the narration of Obrokanti Banerjee's life story as well inside the book. Humorous, witty, straight-forward- is how the story has been penned by the author. As a reader, you are left amused by the way Obrokanti's girlfriend-Radha- has taken over his life in and out. So much so that you cannot help sympathising with Obrokanti and his ordeal. The author, throughout the book, manages to keep the readers glued to a man's life story- which could have been quite a task to write as a woman.
Obrokanti succeeds in telling his harrowing tale of a possessive-to-the-core girlfriend, and tries to evoke a sense in probably every man, (who will be reading the book), about the kind of women they might have probably once encountered in their lives or are about to encounter any time soon. Obrokanti's story can perhaps be every man's life story, who has a girlfriend behaving like a mother/teacher/boss and every other being he would NOT want her to be like. However, despite all the witty and descriptive narratives, it is hard to absorb the fact that there could in reality exist a girl like Radha. 
I really loved Madhuri Banerjee's beautiful look in this picture;
As a reader, while I enjoyed reading the book, it was a little tough to identify with the characters. While Obrokanti's jealousy towards his cousin, Shubir- the ladies man - seems real to an extent; his way of approaching the same goes a little too overboard. The reason behind his not wanting to breakup- the fear that he would never be able to make another girlfriend and have sex with her- is a little too much to handle. Sex overpowers most of Obrokanti's thoughts making it the 'most important' thing in his life- again a bit of overdose. 
Though the book has a predictable storyline, the good part about the book is that the author has made a genuine effort in laying bare a man's messed up life with his girlfriend. Hence, despite all the flaws, you are left giggling at every page reading about this messed up life. :-D 

Book Review- The Silent Scream by Siddhartha Garg


"Child abuse, one of the many problems that persist in India today, is arguably the filthiest. Of late, we have heard of instances of children being exploited but the most gruesome abuse is child sex abuse. The Silent Scream takes up this issue which people normally turn a blind eye towards. Through the subtlety quoted instances mentioned in this narrative non-fiction we are exposed to the disturbing lives of child predators and their innocent, young unassuming victims. The Silent Scream is a ready guide to create awareness about this rampantly growing evil with the aim of sensitising the general public on the ways in which sex abusers operate. A humble effort is also being made to counsel the victims and carry forward the war against this menace so that other innocent souls are saved.

The Silent Scream by Siddhartha Garg presents a subtle yet apt picture of the different forms of child abuse prevalent in India. The book begins with the narration of a real life incident, in which a 6 year old girl- Harshita- living in one of the posh localities of Bengaluru is molested, raped and left almost paralysed by a member of the family. The member of the family, who dared to do this act, was none other than her own father. Shrouded by jealousy, hatred and ego over his wife's success and refusal to have another child, the father- a top notch businessman- resorts to an act that is irreparable. The initial few pages show how the mother stands firm on her decision to get her own husband- the culprit- punished, is something to feel proud about. Not many mothers in India, would come across on board to get their husbands pushed behind the bars. This mother was different. Strong, determined, and not bothered about the stigma that's attached to rape', the mother ensures that her husband - the culprit and a father - is punished for the dastardly act. She is an example to all the mothers/women in India, who fear for their reputation,life and much more for coming out in the open and discuss an issue, which is often pushed under the carpets to avoid bringing bad name to the families. 

If you thought this real life account was enough to absorb, the author presents 10 more real life accounts of abuse across the country. The account will leave you angry and your inability to do something for the victims will make you sulk further down. The book is a genuine handbook for all the parents, who are unaware of the ways in which their child can be abused. The author has done a thorough research on the subject and has ensured his research does not have any loopholes. Considering the sensitivity of the subject, it is a very good effort on the part of the author as well as others who have played a role in bringing the book to its final shape. You may get angry and frustrated after reading the real life incidents; you may question yourself about what as a citizen can you do to stop such abuses from taking place; the book is an answer to all the bubble that is building up within you and is ready to burst any given moment. As a parent, I feel glad to have read the book in detail. 

The Silent Scream is a thorough researched, well-crafted guide to create awareness about rampant growing abuse. The author, through the book, aims to sensitise the general public on the ways in which sexual abusers hunt for their prey.  

The only loophole I found in the book was proofing errors, which I guess could be taken care of by the publishers when it goes for a reprint. 

Disclaimer: I would sincerely like to thank the author, Siddhartha Garg, for sending me a copy of the book for an unbiased review. The review is based solely on my experience after reading it. 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Flash Fiction: Embrace


There was a lull all around. She could hear her heart beat. Beads of sweat were trickling down her forehead. She didn't know what was causing her to sweat so much when it was a perfect breezy night. She always slept near the window. That was her favorite place. It was there that she could dream, write, think, create and also sleep peacefully with the air breezing past her. Yet, she sweat a lot at the moment. She moved her hand over her body. Caressing herself, trying to calm her body down. What was causing the profuse sweat? She could feel her deep breathing. 

She longed for HIM. She realized after all this while. It was that touch, from HIM, when he held her close enough; when their eyes spoke what their heart desired; when the slight bent over her lips made her draw close to him. That divine kiss, at least that's what it was for her. She missed his wilderness. What a fool she had been, to have run away as he kept kissing her, pushing her close to his body. Alas! she wouldn't have felt this incompleteness, had she just let herself go. Had she just continued kissing HIM. Had she held HIM as tight as he held her. She missed his embrace. Her body now longed for that touch from HIM. Her body had lost the battle that her mind fought with it. She couldn't do much about it now. It wasn't just her forehead sweating now, her whole body was soaked in sweat. Her bed felt like a scene of passionate love making.  

Friday, April 10, 2015

Flash Fiction: Thorns


Life is a bliss. She presumed. Until she met her man. The man, who would do anything to make her smile. The man, who until they got married had always loved her through and through. The man, who seemed so different from what he had been when they started their courtship. The man was no longer her prince charming. But an animal looking to devour his catch. She detested him now, to the core. So much so that his mere presence made her feel devastated. Life was no longer a bed of roses. Life was more about the thorns. Thorns that poked her skin deep. Deeper than the void that the man had created with his presence in her life. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


 There are 'people' everywhere around 
Some generous, Some miserly
Some extrovert, Some introvert, 
But they are everywhere around, 
from where you stand.

Then, there are people who do good,
They will do anything to make you smile,
They will fetch you brownies from your favorite patisserie,
They will send you flowers from far across,
They will shower you with gifts that you love,
They will be by your side through thick and thin,
They will be on their toes to help you win.

Then, there are people who would 'act' to do good,
Donning the hat of being most effervescent,
They will make you feel that you are better than the rest,
Behind your back, 
They will hatch every conspiracy at their best,
They will laugh with you at others,
Behind your back, 
They will make your life worse than others,

Cheery, Smiling, Cracking jokes, Going out for smoke,
They would do it all, like you are partners in crime, 
Behind your back, 
They will suck your life for no reason or rhyme

Just when you thought that there are only good people around,
You meet the other half that isn't hard to be found,
They are everywhere around,
from where you stand,
You need to look up, wipe the dust off your glasses,
cough a bit harder to get heard,
remove the mask, one by one,
moving from one face to another,
There they will be standing in front of you,
Looking at you with a smirk,
And, you will be there staring right back
with a smirk wider than theirs.