Flash Fiction: Embrace


There was a lull all around. She could hear her heart beat. Beads of sweat were trickling down her forehead. She didn't know what was causing her to sweat so much when it was a perfect breezy night. She always slept near the window. That was her favorite place. It was there that she could dream, write, think, create and also sleep peacefully with the air breezing past her. Yet, she sweat a lot at the moment. She moved her hand over her body. Caressing herself, trying to calm her body down. What was causing the profuse sweat? She could feel her deep breathing. 

She longed for HIM. She realized after all this while. It was that touch, from HIM, when he held her close enough; when their eyes spoke what their heart desired; when the slight bent over her lips made her draw close to him. That divine kiss, at least that's what it was for her. She missed his wilderness. What a fool she had been, to have run away as he kept kissing her, pushing her close to his body. Alas! she wouldn't have felt this incompleteness, had she just let herself go. Had she just continued kissing HIM. Had she held HIM as tight as he held her. She missed his embrace. Her body now longed for that touch from HIM. Her body had lost the battle that her mind fought with it. She couldn't do much about it now. It wasn't just her forehead sweating now, her whole body was soaked in sweat. Her bed felt like a scene of passionate love making.  

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