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Hi All, 

This is my first attempt at writing for #AtoZChallenge. I had been procrastinating for long, so I thought of getting back to blogging with this challenge. While the challenge says we aren't supposed to write on Sundays, I end up writing today just because I missed writing on the first day itself. 

So, the first post of the blog is dedicated to the letter A. Now, there could have been many words with this letter however, since I have tried to keep a theme for the entire challenge; I chose the word Anxiety. 

We all know the dictionary meaning of anxiety and hence, there is no need for me to tell you again what this feeling is. Wondering why I chose this word? That's because I have been feeling so off late. I can say that anxiety is the other name you can attribute for me. No, I am not being judgemental about my behaviour. But this is what I have been feeling since I can think of. 

We all are sailing in the same boat...

I am sure I am not the only one going through this. The urge to finish some task before anyone gets to realise, despite knowing very well that we can do it at our own pace, is a sign of anxiety. Or to imagine how a certain person would react when they meet us, knowing very well that they might not react so and it is all in our minds, too is a sign of anxiety. Correct me if am wrong, but don't you feel the same at times? 


If you are a parent, the urge to rush home to be with your child leads to this anxious you wherein you don't know what is more important- to be with your child or to finish the task that's in your hand. OR the self-imposed guilt trip that you put yourself through imagining all about how your child is, what he/she might be up to, is he/she eating well, is there any discomfort that he/she is going through that you aren't aware of?

Our environment is making us more anxious...

Today, we are living in this world that's ever expanding, competitive and ruthless to say the least. Anxiety is just a one off behaviour that we might be tackling with in our day to day lives. Come to think of it, why do we read about so many articles around mental and emotional health these days? Why weren't these articles so common say a couple of years ago?

Somehow, the lifestyle that we are leading is straining our lives so much so that there doesn't go a time when we are not 'scared' about any act or move that we take. From taking off from work for a personal reason, to taking up a new course or class; from going out with friends to stepping out alone; 'fear' is seeped in to our deepest soul.

Do you have any answers?

Is it very difficult to live without being anxious or scared about anything at all? Whenever I discuss my anxiety with any friend, the reply is 'do yoga or meditation', 'go for a walk', 'ignore things', 'don't overthink' - but my point is even without doing any of the above, why can't I be less anxious? Or why can't any of you be living life without fear?  

*This post is a part of #AtoZChallenge*

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