Dream Big! Think Big!! Achieve the Biggest!!!

I finished reading an article today in India Today magazine on how the Rural India was fairing better than the Urban India in all aspects. Several aspects were taken into account in the article that showed how the Rural India faired well and why. From GDP and per capita income to all the sectors that have contributed towards the growth of Rural India, everything had been presented well in the article with statistics. The three major reasons found to be the cause of this change were: spread of telecom network, good rural road network and lastly, the improvements in communications and transport.

The article also had profiles of some of the change-makers who played a major role in their small ways to help better a village, a community or even a small fraction of the population in some remote corner of India. To take for instance, a 31-year-old man from Manipur invented a machine that could withstand electric shock- an electric shock-proof converter. Don’t think this man is some great engineer or has been educated in that line. This man is but a son of an electrician, outside whose shop a dog, whom he fed all day and night, died of an electric shock. Similarly, A 30-year-old girl from Jammu and Kashmir left her content writing job in Bangalore, only to return home and start a school of her own in her own house. Now, her school has its own building where more than 200 students with two branches in and around her village, the best part being absolutely zero dropouts from Classes I-V.

These are only two of the 19 profiles that have been written about in the article published in the magazine. All those who have been profiled have come out strong breaking all the odds that were against them and emerged as winners in their own ways. What struck me in the article was the way each one talks about their struggles. None of them had a platter served to them on its own, rather they have had to walk through the thorns in order to achieve whatever little they have till now. Even those, who had lucrative job offers or well-settled jobs, left them after a couple of years, to return to the place which had given them everything. They did not return to do any favour but to make the future of several like them in their village better.

From schools, to organic farming, to NGOs, to shelter homes, every person has played his or her part as much as they could on their own. Only to make a better life for many like them in their long lost villages. Many of them had even studied during long power outages, without a roof on their head, without anyone to look about their needs, yet they made it to the top. It is true that until you have the fighting spirit in you, unless you pass through odds, success will not come to you. It is indeed very hard to get the kind of success you dream of.

Most important is the fact that each one of them has followed their conscience, their heart. Without even giving a second thought to whether it will be possible for them to manage everything on their own, whether it would be economically or financially viable for them, they did everything they could or they dreamt of.

Following your heart can be difficult as well as tricky at times. Unless, you have the spirit in you to fight it hard and better, the mind may rule over your heart. More so, you need to have the strength in you to face the failures that may come your way if you follow your heart. Everyone learns from the mistakes they make. Once learnt, mistakes become a thing of the past.

Balancing out the heart and mind is very important. Everyone dreams of something, something larger than life, but only few of them truly achieve it. Those who do, do not turn back and ponder over their decision rather they take whatever comes their way in good or bad sense. Therefore, what one needs is a strong sense of mind and heart. The stronger you are, the better you make the decisions of your life.

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