Hello! My Old Friend!

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Hello Sneha, my old friend

I know it's been long since we spoke. Remember the last time? Oh, I guess you have forgotten. Let me refresh your mind. Have a look at this post. Ah! Now I am sure you recall. So, where were we? I realize we haven't yet started talking. 

Lets talk now then. First and foremost, where have you disappeared? I see you everyday. You come near to me, see me, hold me, but then as if a sudden realization strikes you and you keep me away. I lie there at one corner of your room. The corner where you loved to hold me and pour your heart out. I lie there still, untouched, and gathering dust. 

The blank pages are turning yellow. Slowly and steadily, the yellow pages will wear off. Will you pick me up then? But no, I do not intend to be picked up after I wither away. I want you to pick me up now. I know you are being shrouded by thoughts. Some positive, some negative; I see a sweat of worry on your forehead all the time. The lines on your forehead narrow down again and again as you look at me from a distance. 

I know you are yearning to pick me up, take that pen from the stand kept away on your study table, and sit by the window on the corner of that room. The room of your own. The room where you have spent many a sleepless nights during your exams, before your marriage, whispering to your beloved, celebrated joys and pondered over your sorrows. Now, as I lie next to the window, near your bed, in the very room of your own, I feel I have lost you my old friend. 

Where have you gone? I do not want to lose you my old friend. You are the only friend I have. You have confided in me all the time. I know, now you have your love with you, who is there to lend you a shoulder all the time; but I also know that you do feel at times to have the very conversation that you cannot with him, with me. 

No, am not that friend of yours, who will chide you if you haven't spoken to him/her for long. I will rather comfort you. I know every little emotion of yours. Like you, I have felt them too. As you wrote your heart out to me, wiping your tears off, that one drop fell on me and I knew I had been successful in comforting you the way none ever had. 

Yes, my dear friend, I am writing to you. I know you will be taken aback. However, I just want to let you know that its okay if you haven't been able to share things with me off late. I am still there for you lying in the same place, waiting for you to pick me, hold me and console me. Don't keep me aside to wither away. Relive yourself with me. 

Few years down the line, when you turn these pages, they might be yellowed but the moments you would have shared with me shall be etched in those pages, for you to reminisce till your last breath. 

Your Loving Diary 


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