My Experiments with Haleem ;-)

It's been quite some while since I wrote a blog post and what better to write about than "food"? :-D Now, I am not the one to try out new recipes and post them on the blog. I would rather eat those new recipes and just share the experience of how it was. As is suggested by the title of the post- yes, I am going to talk about "Haleem." For those of you who do not know, what Haleem is? You can read it here.

The First Time I Tasted Haleem

My tryst will Haleem dates back to my days in Hyderabad (2010). Though I stayed for hardly six months there, I was lucky that Ramzaan fell in one of those six months of my stay. I had heard a lot about the famous Pista House Haleem. Hence, I did try it out. But it wasn't actually the authentic one, I suppose. As the popularity of a restaurant/eatery grows, the "authentic" tag is often lost to the "not-so authentic" ones that mushroom in every nook and corner of the city. That's precisely what happened with my first "date" with Haleem.

The Second "Authentic" Date with Haleem from Pista House

The second time, I was indeed lucky to have the authentic Haleem and that too from Pista House, Hyderabad. But, it wasn't in Hyderabad but down south in Namma Chennai. We were a bunch of foodies that worked together. One of them made this suggestion of ordering Haleem from Pista House, all the way from Hyderabad. Yes, Pista House promises delivery within 24 hours of placing the order. Indeed, they were true to their promise. We received the order on time the next day in office. Now that the yummy treat awaited us, we weren't really in a mood to barter it with any one else apart from the four of us who had pooled in to order it. Moreover, we had several hungry souls eyeing our desks all the time for that one taste of food that we ordered often. How could we part with this treat of ours so easily? :D Thus, we chose the most "not-so-easy-to-spot" place in the entire office- the Parking Lot. :D We devoured the 1 kg box full of Haleem in seconds and were glad to have not shared it with the entire office. :D

Third Time Lucky

This year, as Ramzaan arrived, I just saw my friends post about the delicious Haleem treats they had at work or at other places. While I sat back and simply prayed for a miracle to strike, there came, my friend PC to the rescue. Now this girl is a great cook. I have had the chance to enjoy her culinary delight while my few days of stay at her home in Kolkata. She often posted about her culinary adventures on Facebook, which made all of us simply drool over the photographs and do nothing much. Though she is a journalist, I guess her first love is and will always be food. :D Thus, after a lot of pestering from all her friends, she finally started her blog- Guilt Free- where she shares the secret to her kitchen adventures. :-D It was this very blog that served the perfect guide to me in my third journey of eating Haleem. I follow her blog often but have never had the chance to really experiment with her recipes. But this time, I made sure that I do cook. Moreover, I had expected the recipe to be as complex as the mouth-watering taste of Haleem. Surprise Surprise! The recipe shared by PC is probably the easiest I could ever get my hands on. :-) Okay, I wouldn't drag this post long. My first attempt at making Haleem was quite successful considering I wasn't very sure of how it would taste, by the look of it. Though it arrived months after Ramzaan but I am glad I attempted it. I wanted to give it to my Dad, who was supposed to depart for Srinagar, the day after early morning. :-) I am not a great one to explain recipes, hence, I leave you with the link to my friend's post on Haleem. What are you waiting for? Just check the link out for the delicious Haleem recipe.


This is how my First attempt looked like-

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