Confessions of a Married girl

Dressed in red, she stands at the doorstep
A few minutes from now,
her life will take a new turn
She stands but her mind goes on a flashback
As she reminisces the moments she spent
In the four corners of the very place,
which was her abode.

Her mother had said they came here when she was an infant,
The walls of the abode have a story to tell of her growing up years,
There she was, running here and there
from her mother's grasp
to her father's lap;
from the brother's leg pulling
to her favorite window;
The walls were screaming out loud
"Don't go there.. We're here.."

"Pat" Flashback turns into a reality
She was standing at the doorstep
dressed in red, adorned with jewels
She was waiting for her man,
her prince charming
She had waited for this day for long
ever since her childhood,
Fascination for the prince charming
riding on a white horse,
Who will take her away from her abode;

But now she wanted to delay,
So, she could stand there more,
Longer than usual
So, she could reminisce those years gone by
So, she could yet again run to her father
and be safe on his lap
So, she could lie beside her mother
talking of everything under the sun
So, she could yet again live her years
spent in her abode
So, she could simply stay there and
not bid adieu.

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