A published author and a trip to Diu, what more could I ask for

I have so many things to update you all about. Where should I begin from? Let me first say that yes, I had been extremely occupied with something or the other. There were times when I would open the "new post" section of the blog, stare at it for hours, switch tabs to Facebook and then eventually close the blog. But today, I decided I had to post. So, here I am with a few updates.

First things first, the biggest news of this month is that I, yours truly, is now a published author :-) Those of you who have frequented my LinkedIn and Facebook profile, would know by now. But for those of you, who read my blogs, this update had to be made. Pardon me, for keeping it short and simple in one post itself. Interested in knowing some details? So here it is. I and a bunch of seven other talented bloggers from across the country were part of BlogAdda's Celebrate Blogging initiative. We took part in one of the events of that initiative- Game of Blogs. Our team was amongst the top 3 teams. We were selected from among 30 teams with approx 300 bloggers across the country and outside. The book was finally launched on Sunday, September 20th at JW Marriott, Mumbai. The book is titled, Six Degrees, and has three stories of the top 3 teams from Game of Blogs competition. I am yet to receive my copy though, and your queries about when they'll hit the stands shall be answered once I get a word about it. But, once they are out, please do buy and read the story- Entangled Lives- and tell us how it was :-)

Second thing is, I made it through a 3 nights and 4 days trip to Diu from September 17-20. Mind you, not with family but a friend. Okay, yes I know you'll have raised eyebrows by now, like how a few in my family had ;-) Thinking how could I go on a trip leaving my 14 month old son behind. Let me tell you, it is because I have an extremely supportive husband, who ensured all was well when I was away. And, did I tell you that my son is definitely more attached to his father because of the very reason that his father takes care of him like no one else does? I finished a good tour. Though, I do not know how much will I be able to tell you about it but I do have plans to update the blog with at least two or three posts on Diu. What will be the posts about is something I have not yet thought about! Of course, something on food and how did I go there will be there but there could be something more than that too. Till then, you can have a view of the following photograph.

There is another thing that I would like to share with you all but I have to wait till it gets a final shape. Updates soon. 

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