Poetry Trails: #5 Trace my heart

Hi Friends,

This is the fifth poem in the series Poetry Trails. Hope you'll like reading it. This would also be the last poem in this series. The poems shall come back soon again. :-)


In the contours of my heart
You lie like a king
I yearn for your presence 
In the world around
I stretch my arms around
To hold you in embrace
You seem running away 
From the mere stretch of my arms
I haven't even said that 
I want to take you with me
I hoped that you'd do that for me
But, as I stand here miles away
I see you hold her hand and run away
You giggle as she teases you 
You hold her tight as if to never let go
She tries to move away but you pull her closer
Oblivious of my presence miles away
You make love to her in the lap of nature
I stand there with my heart broken
I turn away unable to see your passionate love
I wonder what did I do to deserve such hapless love..

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