That moment

That moment when I sit and wonder,
Where am I headed?
I struggle to come to a conclusion,
I cry and whine at my inability
To see the strength in me,
All I can see is the pile of defeat
The unsuccessful attempts
The mismanaged life cycle
The surmounting debts.

That moment when I sit and contemplate
How I should focus on the present
And forget the future
But, Alas! The future has
Caught me in its web
Entangled, and without a sign of freeing,
I struggle to pull out of the web
The intensity with which the web
has woven itself around me
makes me shudder.

That moment when I sit and decide
It's time to call it the end of the road
No, there hasn't been a speck of
Light at the end of this dark road
I tried, I struggled, I fought, I caught
But I failed,
Failed quite miserably.

I fear,
I fear the society,
I fear the people I love,
I fear my own self,
I guess it is THAT MOMENT
When I should quit...

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