To My Love

To my love,

It has been ages since we last met. Yet it seems only yesterday that we had walked hand in hand on the beach listening to the tides under the moon lit sky. I still remember the walk. We were meeting after almost a week. You had decided to surprise me with the news that I wish you had never told me. Yet, I feel glad you said it at the right moment. Was it really the right moment? I don't know whether it was the right moment or not. I have lost track of what exactly is the right moment. Don't fret over why I am bringing this topic up in a letter when all I could have done is just said it on your face. Probably, that would have made it easier for me to cope up with the circumstance. And, forever shutting you out of my memory. But, love is unfortunately such that neither lets me forget that right moment nor the other moments that we spend together in the span of six years.

Six years. Long time, indeed. Remember, the first time we met? I detested you to the core. But there was something uncanny about you, that pulled me like a magnet attracts a metal. I never knew the conversations that we had would land us up together like our lives would forever be entwined together. So much so that it would be as painful to unwind from that life as much as it was painful to let you go without a reason or doubt. You wonder why I still address you as my love? Because, I still love you...

Remember? I am a one man woman! I loved you, will love you and will forever love you. Irrespective of the fact that your love for me faded away as soon as you got that posh little job of yours in one of those swanky countries, that I hated to the core. They say distances make relationships stronger. But all I could see was the relationship breaking into shambles. Your love disappeared as fast as it had appeared in the initial years of our relationship. You said you fell out of love. I knew people fell in love. But falling out of love was new for me.

You said you wanted to focus on your career. You did not have time for 'all this nonsense.' But then, whatever happened to your promises of 'happily married forever' and 'till death do us apart'. Were they all merely phrases that you had read in some books by favorite authors and decided to impress the gullible me? You knew I would be the last person to have problems with you making your career. You knew how much we both wanted to 'settle down' in our respective careers so that we could go a step further. Yet, you chose to break it and push me away from your life as if that was the moment you had been waiting for.

Oh dear love, as much as it pains me to address you as my love, I cannot not refrain myself from calling you my love. Yes, it hurts a lot as I write to you this letter which I am sure you wouldn't want to read. But if at all, you do feel like reading this letter at any point of time, I hope it will remind you the innumerable love praises that you showered on me while being together. I hope it reminds you of the troubles we undertook to make you reach where you are now. I hope it reminds you of the umpteen number of sacrifices that we had decided to make for each other. I hope it reminds you that it is very easy to let go. But equally difficult to move on. I know you have moved on and with quite some ease. Yet, somewhere this heart refuses grow up and accept that you are never going to return.

Somehow, I still have that ray of hope within. That makes me believe that one day, you will come. That day when you will walk into my life just like you did six years ago. We will again be together, walking hand in hand on the beach leaving the worst behind us. We will melt in the moment like we had never separated. That day, our lives will truly be entwined forever.

Till then,

Forever Yours....

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