You Do Understand, I know!

Here I come with all the happiness

Thinking about how to spend my time with you.


And, such is the time that I don't get to see you

I try hard to keep you with me

But you are such a nuisance, who does not be with me.


I miss your very presence, but you are least bothered

You don't understand that I love you.


Why do I always have to reiterate every word of mine?

Are my expressions so hard to understand?

Or is it that you want to be away from all that is yours.


You don't understand that I  love you,

Or should I say you do? but you pretend not to.


Try and understand

As it is not an easy task to do,

Learning, Living and Loving,

all are juxtaposed within.


You have to understand that  I love you,

As I know you do, but you pretend not to.


Do not be heartless,

Do not be ruthless,

I beg thee, understand

Listen to your inner conscience,

Listen to what your heart says,

Let your sense and sensibility prevail,

In the end, it will be your love.


You do understand that I love you

Ofcourse, you do

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