Being Stuck

How many times have you been stuck in the middle of somewhere? Unable to decide, which way to go? What to choose? If chosen, whether the decision was correct in all aspects or was it merely an answer to the millions of questions popping in your head.

Guess, everyone has their own way of looking at things. What might be an easier decision for you, might turn out to be a difficult one for someone close or related to you. Often, while deciding on these choices, we tend to forget the things that we are surrounded with. We forget that had it not been for the decisions we have been taking till now, our present wouldn't have looked the way it is. Our present looms under the shadows of the past thereby affecting the future.

As the saying goes, "Karmanye Waadhika Raste Maa Faleshu Kadachana", to translate in English, Keep working hard without worrying about the result. There can be no short cut to hard-work. If you work hard, results will automatically appear and well enough. Consequently, we will strive to make our future better by working on our present.

Being stuck in between the heart and the mind is common. The relationship between the heart and the mind is complex. They can never agree on one thing together. However, if they do, consider yourself as lucky. It is a common feeling that many of us go through in our life every now and then. It can be while opting for a stream in class XII, it can be while choosing the subject of our choice for graduation, it can be while deciding on whether Master's degree is good or PG diploma is suffice, it can range from choosing what to wear, eat, sing, dance or even while choosing the life partner.

Choices are always in plenty, but the need is to narrow down on the right option intelligently. When in doubt, just sit down and think over it. What are the best ways in which the doubt can be cleared. This can also be cleared if you have a one-to-one discussion with someone or maybe just write a diary. Often, things that we cannot zero down on, come naturally to us, when we write. Writing eases out a lot of emotions in the mind and the soul.

But that ease-ness can come only if we stay firm on our ground. Have faith in what we are doing. Unless the faith is restored in us, we will not be able to draw the lines. Expectations from people who surround us, peer pressure, such things often leave us over-burdened and we are left stranded in a no-man's land. Expectations are like clouds that gather hinting that it would rain. Like when it rains, sky appears clear; similarly, when expectations are met, your life suddenly looks solemn. Mind is relaxed and so are you.

In the end, it finally comes down to you. What you wish to do? Whether you wish to meet the expectations or you wish to take your own course, sail on the boat alone and find your way through the large sea of emotions, expectations, life, mind, heart and soul.

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