What's My Aim?

What's my aim? Do I know or not?
Staring aimlessly at the horizons,
That look back at me
Seeking answers That I have not.

I try to confide in the unknown surroundings,
What's gone shall never return,
But what lies in the present and the future,
Shall be self governed.

Yes, I shall be the writer of my destiny But how?
For an aimless vision stares at me
I am blinded, god knows with what
I am burdened, or is it my mind
That's crippled by thoughts.

My heart yearns to make peace with my mind, But..
Here I am, hardened like stone
Still like a potrait,
Closed like a shell,
Aloof like that barren tree
Standing tall on the road that I see, Don't I know? What indeed is my aim?
Or is it my oblivion
Forcing me to ignore the same.

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