Five Zesty Things of My Life- A Post For BlogAdda

1. Am Book (ed)
Call me a voracious reader, or just a passerby, who loves to glance at books every now and then. My favorite pastime or my soul-mates, books define me in some way or the other. With books, I travel to a different world. A world filled with characters, a world filled with creativity, a world filled with imagination, a world which is hypothetical yet feels so real, a world which sometimes transforms you from within or is a moral lesson in itself. Books are man's best friend, so are they mine. They Zest Up My Life in ways that cannot be defined.

2. Food-aholic
From Mediterranean delights to grilled Indian Tadka, food from across the world Zest Up my taste buds and thus my life. Culinary expert- I may be not; but food lover- I am. Trying out new cuisines to experimenting at new restaurants, am a few steps away from blogging about my culinary experiences in the restaurants of different cities that I have visited or lived in.

3. Travel Across The Shores
Beautiful mountains, blue skies, lush green forests, mouth-watering food, historical sites, befriending new people- Wanting a little of everything Zests Up My Life. With friends or families, given a chance would explore the unexplored locations of the world all by myself. Driving through the alleys, or walking down the hills, gazing at the star-studded sky on a sea-shore, dreaming all the way, or living up the dreams, one day the shores shall meet and I shall be the bridge on those shores.

4. Musical Soul
Music defines me. That friend in whom I confide, in my grief or elation, music brings peace to my life and thus my life is Zest Up! Tapping my foot to the best of the numbers or singing my way to glory, music in any form is enough to break my monotony. Often being asked to shut up!, I could be a good music jockey, if only.. I pursued my dream further.. Yet, I do not let it draw me back rather I let it inspire me.

5. Photographs
Photographs are reminiscences of the past, present and future. Life is Zest Up because of the people who make up those colorful photos. Sit back by the window, look through the photos, laugh or cry..photographs shall remain those joyous treasures that can never run dry.

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