Keep Calm and Stay Positive- Day 9

I had promised to myself that I shall remain calm and positive all through. In an effort to do that,  I had given myself the task of writing 30 poems over a period of one month. I assume I am already past the deadline or probably may not be able to keep my promise. Thus, I will do a bit of cheating.  That being, I shall write poems but they might not be long ones anymore rather short poems, called Haiku. I came across this style of poetry while reading an article. I searched on the net and felt that this is the best way in which you can express yourself in short and concise manner. Haiku can be anything from an experience to an emotion to even an inanimate object. Thus, my Keep Calm and Stay Positive series is all set to take a different turn as I may end up writing the remaining poems in Haiku style.

Here goes my first attempt at writing a short poem. The inspiration for this poem came from my own baby.

Curled Up,
He Lies,
Content, I feel.

I may not have written it in the best possible manner of how a proper Haiku style should be followed but in attempting to write one isn't bad afterall. What say?

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