Keep Calm and Stay Positive - Day 7- He is the shadow that leaves never

I know I have not really followed the days pattern in my series to be positive. No excuses, just a plain simple reason, I wasn't keeping well, neither could I manage to think of poem nor did my little kiddo give me the time to sit down, relax and write something that I wanted to write. I do not know if am succeeding in keeping calm and staying positive however, I do know for a fact that writing these posts do give me that hint of staying positive even if it is for a matter of few seconds. I like it. And, probably because of this I may continue writing these posts till I complete 30 poems, doesn't matter whether I am able to keep the days in order or not.

There is nothing really that came into my mind while writing this poem. I merely remembered a scene outside my window, while I was having breakfast standing next to it and looking at the tree outside. There were four crows which tried to shoo away the Koel, which was trying to poke inside the nest of some other bird. They all surrounded the Koel and kept screaming "Kaaaaw Kaaaaw"; Finally the Koel had to fly away as it realised that it cannot do anything to the nest which was being probably "protected" by the crows. I do not know which bird has made that nest. All that I could derive from that scene was, if you have a support system like that, you can probably ward off any evil that comes or may come your way in the future. Isn't it?

HE is the shadow that leaves never

The sea was playing a rhythmic sound
as the waves washed ashore,
I stood there looking into the horizon
trying to see deep into the sea,
I tried to fathom how deep the sea was
but its vastness wouldn't let me do so.

Not knowing where to go
I sat on the wet sand,
It took me in, holding me tight in its grasp
I wanted to leave from its clutches
but I let myself soak in it.

My mind felt serene and calm
as I closed my eyes,
I was oblivious of the surroundings
transported to the vast world of the sea,
I imbibed as much as I could
for it made me content.

A sudden chill ran down my spine
I realized my heart was sinking,
Scared I was, or was it a dream?
I neither know nor do I want to know
All I could think of was 
the warm embrace I missed then.

I held myself up from the wet sand
I stood facing the sea with open arms
A heavy breeze hit my face
splashing a few droplets of water,
Did I miss him?

I felt his arms around my waist
I thought I was dreaming yet again,
Only this time, the feel was real
He was there, right there all along,
He was there, watching me soak in the sea,
He was there, observing me embracing the waves,
He walked up to me, to make me realize
that He was there, is there, and 
shall always be there, 
like that shadow that leaves never.

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