Keep Calm and Stay Positive- Day 8 - Walk into oblivion

You know it is definitely not an easy task to "write" however, it is surely an arduous task to think, imagine, create and then "write." Poetry, for me, somehow falls in the latter category though surprisingly, whatever poems I have written till date have always been impromptu. Hence, I guess I was correct in choosing a theme like this for my "Keep Calm and Stay Positive" series. It will not only give me the mind to think and write but also nurture my ability to be impromptu.

This poem is a mix of both kind of writing. While the starting few lines had been hovering on my mind since long, the rest just followed as I typed through.

Walk into oblivion

Her eyes said it all
The 'kohl' was smudged
Like she had cried the whole night
The lipstick was smeared all over  
Like someone had forced upon her.

Yet when she emerged out of the dark windows
She had never looked so serene and calm
Whether it was her way to hide 
the atrocities meted out on her
Or was it that she indeed was calm
after all that happened with her.

But what had actually happened with her?
Neither anyone knew, nor anyone tried
The calmness on her face said it all
She had never been so content
As if she was free of all the shackles.

Emerging out of the dark room
she walked and walked
to a land unknown
or may be known to her
Everyone looked at her
Trying to decipher if she was fine
But they were scared.

Scared? But why?
As she walked barefoot 
into an oblivion
Pool of blood flowed out
Everything froze around.

They looked once at the blood
then at her walking
She seemed to have turned
a blind eye to all
She walked as if never to return
The calmness on her face
a witness of the crime.

She had had enough
the torture, beatings
sexual assault, burns
She knew the time had come
So, she fixed it up
once and for all. 

She knew there wasn't a way out
Yet she took the step
She knew 'death' was the only way out 
Death by her own hands,
Society would never side by her,
She took the law into her own hands
The final result was worth her wait
She walked into an oblivion
To start afresh

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