How much do you love your smartphone?

How do you feel when your smartphone dies? Is that feeling similar to someone precious you may have lost in life? Does it break your heart? That you burnt a hole in your pocket for purchasing that tiny little (or the size of your palm) device can surely make your heart burn. But isn't it weird that a tiny little device has taken such an important place in your life. So much so that when it dies, you don't know what to do. You don't remember phone numbers of your friends. Even if you do, there is no point, as you wouldn't spend your precious money on sending an SMS or calling them because you don't have WhatsApp available. So what if you spent  thousands to buy that tiny little device that's taken up a giant proportion of your life?

Precisely, this is what I realised in the past one week that my phone went dead. Nothing came to my rescue. Not even my Facebook status. Nobody read it (though I have over 600 friends on FB). Neither did I receive any call or SMS from anyone, except my husband and parents, nor did anyone bother to check on whether there was any WhatsApp from my end. Irony of life. It made me realise that everyone's life is so hectic these days. So much so that we have all the time in the world to 'Facebook' but not a moment to take out the phone and call our loved ones. Or for that matter, speak to someone we haven't spoken in a long time.

Our interactions are now merely limited to Facebook, WhatsApp, or any other social network. Gone is the long duration calls. Or smses. Smartphone has made us dumb humans. We hardly remember our numbers barring probably our parents, husband's or some close friend. There isn't any guarantee for that too. We don't have to remember Birthdays or Anniversaries because Facebook is there to do that honour on behalf of us.

Have you ever once thought that how our lives were when we did not have smartphone? We all have shared such nostalgic posts on Facebook (yet again). But have we ever left aside the phone for a while and sat down in peace for even half an hour with people around us? Aren't these materialistic things and the craze or phenomenon of social networking moving us away from what actually is networking?

Having said that, I don't deny using social network for purposes apart from work and sharing of blogs. But this realisation is too hard to ignore. That social networking and over dependence of smartphone is taking us closer to a phase where talking on phone and interaction in person may become a thing of the past.

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