What's on my mind?

There's so much on my mind, Facebook
What all should I write?
You have space, I know
To take in my rants
But does everyone around have the time
To read and comprehend
What's on my mind?
I have been trying- struggling
To come to terms with
What's best in me?
What's best for me?
What's in store for me?
I have been trying- to stay calm
But the humdrum in my fickle mind
Refuses to die.
The pen and the paper
stare at me from the shelves of my cupboard
I look away fearing it's a waste of time,
Yet, my heart yearns to take them together
and flow with the movements of one on the other.
There's so much on my mind, Faceboook
What all should I write?
There are hundreds on my friend list,
Not one to lend an ear,
Everyone is moving along in their world,
While I crib and cry.

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