About Me

Hi Friends!

I am Sneha Bhattacharjee. A Writer and Editor by profession. I am currently a Freelancer (For any Freelance Assignments w.r.t Content Writing, Website Content Development, SEO Writing, Blogging, Article Writing, Book Reviews, Event Previews and Restaurant Reviews, get in touch here.) 

post-graduate in English Journalism, I have always had a unique relationship with words. Working with Deccan Chronicle and The Times of India empowered my written words, for they too, found a voice of their own with these leading dailies. Four years into writing and editing, has turned me into an avid blogger. 

I started this blog in college. Not knowing much about the power of blog writing or how it could benefit me, I posted rarely in a year. Since 2014, I have developed a habit of blogging about anything and everything I like to talk about. 

The blog contains my poetry, observations, view, opinions as well as my all time favorite and latest fascination- profiles and interviews. I have not limited it to a particular genre because I feel a writer needs to be versatile and not just limit his or her imagination.

Apart from blogging, I like to read my favorite authors sipping through hot cups of tea. Music too has a special place in my life, a learned Hindustani classical vocalist, as of now, I enjoy singing my heart out at close gatherings.

I hope to connect with you readers on a personal as well as a professional level. Hope my posts do not offend any one in any way and are rather read and enjoyed with pleasure.

Feel Free to share my posts on the social network but in case, you need to use it somewhere I would be glad if you could simply write a mail to me on sneha.bhattacharjee@gmail.com

Till then, Happy Reading :-)

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