Strategic development for all sectors of economy

The increasing number of farmer suicides in Orissa in the past few weeks is a grim reminder of the state of farmers in our country. The government as usual in order to clear its stand has put loan burden and poor crops as well as deficient rain as the reasons behind these deaths. Although it has strengthened its stand and decided to take immediate steps, the surmounting number of farmer suicides is proving to be a blot on the image of the government.
There is no doubt that the country has not received sufficient rainfall this year, required by the farmers to grow their crops. Keeping in mind the scenario, the government should have adopted some alternative methods for the farmers, such as providing better irrigation facilities, pesticides to prevent crops from being eaten up by insects as has been happening in many farms of the western part of Odisha.
The state government has now appointed a team which would be visiting the drought affected areas. Examining the situation and then charting certain steps that can be taken for the Rabi agricultural season would not help. The need of the hour is to understand the situation of the farmers both at physical as well as at the mental level. This would help the government in formulating policies for the farmers. Also, the government should assure the farmers with some security, provide them with better irrigational facilities, crop seeds, better farm loans that may not become a burden for them and most importantly spread awareness amongst the farmers on how to handle crop productivity during scanty rainfall.
Liberalization and globalization has prompted the government to take developmental efforts in the industrial sector, due to which it has somehow neglected the agricultural sector which still forms the mainstay in the country’s growth. Implementing strategies effectively for all sectors may prove fruitful for the country’s economy rather than just highlighting one sector at a time.

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